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Body Double by Tess Gerritsen
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May 28, 2011

really liked it

A long time ago I asked someone I knew who is a big reader for recommendations of scary stuff to read. The list I got back was thick with Lovecraft, which is fine, but this Tess Gerritsen stuff is what I was looking for.

This series is the equivalent of a cheap b-grade horror movie where a heroine walks into the kitchen and the music indicates that something very scary is about to happen and then the music crescendos as a cat jumps from his hiding place on top of the refrigerator onto the heroines shoulder and she says, "Geez Mr Tinkle you certainly gave me a scare!". The audience breathes a sigh of relief, the heroine drops her guard and a scene later she is hung up by her ankles with her insides piled high on the ground underneath her.

ie. just enough filler, just enough fun, just enough ew, just enough AHHHHHH!

While reading this series I get my husband to perform a room sweep before I go to bed. Under the bed, all the closets, behind the shower curtain. I will not sleep until I know there is no one lurking under, within, or behind my stuff.

The writing is clinical and clear and the story is well paced. The characters are interesting and intelligent - but that said, Dr Isles is a fucking horndog. Every book there is some dude she has the hots for. Keep it together lady! You're a doctor, not a sex addict. Can you look at a dude for five seconds without your nether regions tingling?

All in all, this book, nay, this series, is like watching an hour of cop/medical drama on tv - I read it for an hour before bed and feel entertained if not necessarily better for it.

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