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Betrayal by Mayandree Michel
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May 29, 2011

it was amazing

I almost didn't spend the measly 99 cents for this book after reading a couple of 1 star and 2 star reviews. I do realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion so I decided to form my own. I succumbed to the gorgeous cover and finally bought the ebook for my Kindle.

I'm THRILLED that I did! Luckily for me, I didn't let those 1 & 2 star reviews deter me.

I didn’t think it was slow as others are describing. The story grabs you from the beginning with the detail. The author lays out the foundation of the blah western town where Cordelia the MC lives and drops the first bomb in like the first chapter. From then on it's a rollercoaster of unpredictable event after event.

This book turned out to be a beautiful story, and beautifully written. The author did a phenomenal job of creating a unique world of her own mythology largely based on Greek mythology, Vampires, shifters, ghosts, and magic. The break-down of the ancestry of the descendants and world building is extraordinary. I am in awe of this author for weaving everything so tightly!

I connected with many of the characters and liked Cordelia the best from the start. She's a smart and independent teenager. In one of the reviews, Cordelia is described as a whiny brat and selfish. This is a YA novel about teenagers. If you wanted to read a book about a grown, self-assured and experienced individual, well you should read an adult book about adults. In no way did I feel that the MC was selfish or a brat for wanting to know the truth and demanding it. She acted like an empress before she even knew she was one and never backed down to anyone. My kinda girl!

I do have one gripe though, and it’s Bethany, Delia’s so called "best friend". She's the only character that annoyed me for the entire book. Bethany seems to have no clue how to be a friend, but I won't give this book a lower rating just because I disliked a character. I loved Nikolas (the warrior centaur) and Winston (the disgruntled ghost). They're both excellent characters. Nikolas is hilarious! There is a place in my heart for both Evan and surprisingly Victor (the villain) too. Even the evil twins – Sacha (Victor’s girlfriend) and Lucas (Victor’s most trusted follower) were well rounded characters.

I have so many favorite parts of this book that I can’t pick one. When the truth and secrets of the betrayal began to surface, I couldn’t put it down. The ending was a shocker and AMAZING!

I’m jumping for joy that there is a sequel. This is a fantastic book. Just to think how I almost missed out on this! Ms. Michel deserves plenty of praise for an exciting first novel!

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message 1: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra I know! I dont know how people thought this was a boring story! I would have been thrilled if it "dragged on" even longer! Cant wait for the next book Sacrifice! Great review. :)

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