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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
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I luv it. My fave part were the twins :D They are the best


But I still can't tell which from which, though. LoL

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Reviewed in 02/08/2012

I don’t really know what to say about HP that hasn’t been said before. I mean, this book has like 24.000 reviews already. This is a lot of babbling about the same book.
So, I’ll just say what I think of it and that’s it :D

The Plot - Is not a very good one. Really, a poor little boy that suddenly finds out he is special and all that s*it. Keep in mind I’m talking about the first book alone, not the whole series. Is cool, but is not very inventive so far.

The Characters - That is my favorite part and I’m beginning to think that is what is most important to me. This is one of the few book that has the most wonderful characters that I ever encounter in a book. They have character, style and a full attitude going on. I love Harry and his honesty and strength, Ron and his goofy way of dealing with things and Hermione and her nerdy way of seeing things.


But the characters that I love the most are the twins. They are the best. I love them in the movie and reading the book only made me want to go to the prom with them. I’m not just saying. I’m serious. I totally would.


The Writing - Oh, come on. The author kick some major ass in writing. This is a 3º person narrative and, even not being my fave, I love it. She has this way of making us ponder with the characters about the things and is like we are part of it aswell. She certainly has a way with words and I feel like an analphabet reading this book. I was like: ‘Oh my gosh, I need to go read a dictionary or something. ‘ She is amazing. Love her.

See??? Told yah.She is AMAZING!!!!

The Audiobook Recording - This was the American version. I love this guy. He has this amazing voice and is like you can see him reading and making all these face expressions while reading. It made me remember of my gran reading for me when I was a little girl. I love this recording.

Considerations- I already had watched the movie and read this book a long time ago so I already knew what was going down. I guess that is few the number of people that hasn’t watched the movies. So why read the book? You my ask. Well, the plot and the characters are really like you see in the movie, but the writing and how they thing and feel is a whole part that it doesn’t come through in the movie. Is pretty much impossible for it come be translate the right way in the big screen. I say everyone should read the books just for these reosans alone. They are worth the time spent. I pinky swear it.

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1.0% "Ok, Harry Potter, now is just you and me. Ok, and everybody else LoL"
3.0% "I have his dumb family. They are mean people. But I love this narrator."
3.0% "I hate his dumb family. They are mean people. But I love this narrator."
30.0% "I just need to say: I love the twins. LoL They are soooo funny. I could read this whole series for them alone LoL"
63.0% "Quidditch!!!!!! This is soooo exciting *-*"
73.0% "It's a strange sensation to read a book when you already know what's going to happen years from now. I guess that's how Merlin felt all the time. LoL But with the perk of also knowing the past :D"
75.0% "Oh, I want a Weasley sweater too :( I love Xmas in Hogwards :D"
100.0% "I've watched the movie a million times and I still get tears when Harry gets the picture. I'm so lamo. Luv the book :D"

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Heidi I a glad you loved it, The whole series is great!

E.V.Franzmnn E.V.Franzmnn Heidi wrote: "I a glad you loved it, The whole series is great!"

Yep :D I've already watched almost all the movies, but I'm waiting to watch the last after I finish reading all the books :D

Heidi Yeah good idea. I teared up watching the last movie in the theater!

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