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Ripe for Pleasure by Isobel Carr
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May 28, 2011

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I’ve been on a roll with romance lately (who couldn’t be after Eleven Scandals?), and I have been desperately trying to find a new read that seems out-of-the-ordinary and fantastic. Which is why Ripe For Pleasure piqued my interest because it was about second sons who have no expectations of inheriting titles or riches unfathomable.

While Ripe For Pleasure definitely has enough action and emotions to satisfy a wayward romance reader, I am not entirely convinced that it gave enough focus on Leonidas or the League Of Second Sons. I had thought the League was official as far as secret societies go, but while the men were present and accounted for, they did not seem to meet all too often for me to get a good gauge of each of their personalities. No satisfying nibble, but a sliver that hardly tells anything.

Leonidas and Viola did not seem to have enough time to kindle their romance, and I again needed a little more convincing of their passion. Granted, not getting killed and searching for treasure seemed good goals to have – but when seduction is supposed to be on the agenda, I expected a little more. I love the tug-of-war in romance books – and Ripe For Pleasure did not seem to have enough of that tension to make my toes curl. The delicate dancing around the heart, the heart-wrenching betrayal, the tear-jerking confession – they were present, but needed a little more oomph.

I loved the Mad Vaughns (also known as Leonidas’ family). They appeared in full force toward the end of the book to handle the unexpected romance between Leonidas and Viola. While a second son may not be expected to carry the legacy, he still needs to keep up appearances of respectability. However, the Mad Vaughns are not called “mad” for no reason – and Viola finds out just how “mad” the Vaughns are and how far they would go for family.

Ripe For Pleasure has a decent romance within its pages, but it was not quite what I expected to find. I am a little hesitant to pick up the Book 2, but I am a little curious to see what happens to Leonidas’ sister Boudicea who seems like scandal just itching to happen!

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