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The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X
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Mar 06, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: 2008
Recommended to Patrick by: John

I had a lot to say about this book but I forgot most of it, it's kind of like you have to read it yourself. I do have a couple quotes because they were at the end of the book so they were easy to find:

"'Conservatism' in America's politics means 'Let's keep the niggers in their place.' And 'liberalism' means 'Let's keep the knee-grows in their place--but tell them we'll treat them a little better; let's fool them more, with more promises.' With these choices, I felt that the American black man only needed to choose which one to be eaten by, the 'liberal' fox or the 'conservative' wolf--because both of them would eat him."

" to me was a white man. 'Malcolm X!' he called out--and when I looked, he stuck his hand out of his car, across at me, grinning. 'Do you mind shaking hands with a white man?' Imagine that! Just as the traffic light turned green, I told him, 'I don't mind shaking hands with human beings. Are you one?'"

Anyways, I thought the first half of the book was amazing, then it got into his conversion to the Nation of Islam in jail and I just got annoyed learning about that religion and his devotion to it, because it's just as retarded, archaic, repressive, sexist, imperialistic, and altogether FAKE as Christianity, which he railed against. Ironically, the same group that saved his downward-spiraling life by giving him a purpose, ultimately stabbed him in the back, and then shot him in the front. There was some cool history when he talked about all the reading he did in jail, involving British rule in India and Gandhi, and something called the Chinese opium wars, which I never heard of before (he also copied an entire dictionary by hand because he was sick of not knowing what certain words meant). I guess like most who read this, I admired his honesty, rage, unfaltering determination, and ability to continue to evolve as a person without compromising his core ideals.

I re-watched the Spike Lee movie version, having originally seen it at 14, and it is not close to being a substitute for the book--he changes things, leaves things out, adds things, etc. Youtube has a lot of cool clips of various television appearances, however, which I feel is a better supplement. Also, vitamins are a good supplement.
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