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The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Jun 02, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy
Recommended to N.T. by: Best Friend! In 7th Grade!
Recommended for: Absolutely Everyone! It's a fantastic book at the end of an amazing series!
Read from May 28 to June 02, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 4

Now at last, my dear readers, I have come to the end. And, when I say the end, I do not mean a final reading. *Smiles* Nor the end of Middle-Earth for any that love it. No, I read through the entire story, as I have done three other times in full. But this time, I even took the time to again, only my second time mind you (for I was younger before, and not as patient or understanding then), to read through every word in the Appendices and Indexes. Some may think this silly, and I think to some extent you're right. I had at first thought I would not read the Appendices, because I had read them before and thought them long and full of much information, and they are. But I tell you now...someone who reads Lord of the Rings and does not read at least the first two or three Appendices will never know what happened to the characters that you loved in this tale when the story itself came to a close. For only in the Appendices are those things mentioned, along with wonderful stories of the past that shape for you an even grander appearance the world of Middle-Earth, the origin of these people you love, and how everything came to the time that we ourselves entered this world and fell in love with it.

But to that, shame on me! *Laughs* I am starting from the end! Let me begin again.

The Return of the King is as beautiful and glorious, and fulfilling a tale as you could ever wish to read at the "end" of a story. It feels swiftly paced, and now even the happenings with our other half of the Fellowship in Mordor do not feel slow and tedious like they did in the second book. Not to mention, the Fifth "Book" (first half of Return of the King) takes up that concept of one half of the Fellowship being here and the other half there, but places it in far faster a pace. The half not in Mordor split and so we get the constant flux between the lands of Gondor and Rohan, loving the latter and its kind, valiant people, and then find ourselves standing in mirthless awe of the seemingly too-high formality but wonder of the former. We follow closely the two leaders of the land, and while both have tragic things unfolding simultaneously, amidst both we also have beauty unlooked-for springing up as what some today would perhaps call miracles. I think rather that it was the choices of those amazing characters that brought them there, through great Fear and Despair, and brought the people we love just over the brink into some feebly claimed Hope.

The War of the Ring as this is called, is incredible to watch. But this book, just like in the others, has so -much- to say about its characters. They are, unlike any others, the shining stars in this story. Whether grim and majestic as they come into their own like Aragorn, or fierce and passionate like Eomer to the last; cold and kingly and unshakeable like the Lady Eowyn, or tender and soft, like the Men of ages long lost like Faramir...the characters, especially for the first time the race of Men in this book, truly comes forth and brings upon themselves the responsibility of saving, or trying to do whatever they can, even hopelessly, to save Middle-Earth. Not to say they have not done so before, mind you. But only that here, here! We see it in its full power and glory! Every action, both the selfless and the internally driven are beautiful and magnificent to behold. Some sway us with their kindness and love to tears in the end, like Theoden; and then some like Denethor bring us to terrible pain because of his cruelty and unfeeling attitude, and eventually his poisoned, vicious, too-proud mind. It is an intricate battle between every person we were first introduced to, soon came to love, and now we find them out in the open, and each in their own way is revealed to us for who and what they truly are. They alone can rend my heartstrings or tie them in knots! A single line! An action decided and refused to be backed down from! A denial or acceptance! They make this book, the final of its trilogy, Great.

I also cannot go forward, for my heart will not let me go on without saying this: I thanked Tolkien out loud and in my heart almost every five or so pages while I read the Appendices. Some of you may be tempted to skip them, thinking they are not worth it since the main story is over, and I'm sure a great many readers will do so. *Gazes at you with a faint, knowing smile* ...but you're missing the best of parts when you do so. Because the story may end, but the characters' lives continued. *Nods her head towards the Appendices* They have history in them, that history that you first felt when you stepped into Middle-Earth and began to realize that it was a whole world, without gaps or places to be filled. That world is in those Appendices, even shortened as it is to a hundred or so pages. But it is rich, and filling. Whenever I used to read the Lord of the Rings before, I would often get this sensation inside of me: an unquenchable longing to put away the third and last book hurriedly and grab the first and begin it all over again, because I could not get enough of it. I still felt incomplete, like there was sooo...much...more! And I did not have it!

I mentioned at the beginning that this was my second time reading the Appendices in full, but I was younger before, and did not register a lot of the things that I read or their significance, and over the years, I forgot what I had read until it passed out of all knowledge completely. Reading them again now, on my fourth read-through finally, was like having read them for the first time. It is filled with tales and names that I did not know, with things that had been mentioned but that I did not understand. And even now, having read them all, I -don't- understand everything...but I understand far, far more than I could ever have known reading these Appendices could have given me. I see now the way that Middle-Earth began to be peopled, how Darkness entered it and led to this War of the Ring, how the people I loved acted on every single day--for that -is- written out in one of the Appendices, what every character was doing on that particular day, even if they were split up!--and then last mentioned but not last read, and most dear to me...how every character lived out the rest of their lives afterwards.

There are many other things there: Languages, the Races, the History of Numenor and the Eldar in short, the different types of Men and the constant reminder that all this falls back into Shire Reckoning and Shire-relatedness. *Smiles* But it is so worth it.

I am perhaps not saying a lot of things that can be said. What about the story? What about the ending? What happens? What can we expect? And I will tell you only this: You have come with me so far in Middle-Earth, fellow readers. You should know better than me that words cannot express. No matter how -hard- I try...! Words cannot express. Read this book. It is final and magnificent, and some say the very best of all three books. *Laughs* I would have to agree with them! Because I love it. Love it everlastingly. And yet I cannot put one book over another, because to me, they are all the same story. *Smiles warmly* ...so go finish the story. If by now you are not convinced it is worth your time, then I will not waste words trying to convince you. It is best...when experienced.

May you love them as I do and more!

For those of you who have seen the movies...
Now we come at last to the final comparison, and there are things that have occasioned in both my other reviews that still stand. Some things I agree with (Minas Tirith was beautiful for instance), and others I have a tendency to slightly feel disappointed by (Eowyn and Faramir were lovely, but were far too underplayed and "quaint" to represent the amazing characters they are; Eowyn more in this book than the last). The music thrills me, especially the small change they made where Pippin sings for Denethor. That mesh of scenes where Faramir rides out, and the entire conglomeration of conversations as is read in the book is... *Shudders and clenches her hand over her heart* ...beautiful and painful beyond comparison except to that part in the first movie, right after the Mines of Moria when you see that look that Frodo gives you when he turns back and gazes at you. The music is wonderful, and ever in my heart I hear the song of Aragorn as he stands high above Minas Tirith before its people and sings in Elvish. There are so many wonderful things to say about the movie! And well, let me address at least the one that brought about the most surprise and a little bit of fuss for those of us that read the books first.

The Shire, after they return. I too shared the same thoughts when they came back and all was as it had been when they left. And yet! Remember what I said in a previous review: Movies are not books, and they -cannot- be like books, or else they fail in their purpose. Many parts had to be left out, and for that I am sorry, but understanding. The Shire was whole because one couldn't make such long movies already longer. It would not be a smart move on their part. And for mine, though the wrong or right is for you to decide, I am at peace with what they did at the end of the movie. It may not have been by-the-book, but it made -sense- for the movie to end in that way, for does not the book reflect that too, even if there was some more struggle they had to go through first? *Smiles warmly*

My final thoughts on the movies will have to be this: I would recommend that everyone read the books first, then watch the movies, and then...read the books again. Perhaps not all immediately squished together! Heaven knows that can be difficult in itself once! But I feel that the movies were far from reaching the magnificence of the books if they were to stand on their own. When you read the books and then see the movies, you begin to see and appreciate so -much- more all the efforts these crews and actors went through to -truly- create something masterful and worthy of the title "The Lord of the Rings." From the music, to the craftsmanship of the armor and weapons, to the settings and directing, it was all greatly done! And I still hold this trilogy of movies to be the best Book-to-Movie take I've seen in a LONG time, if ever!

But now let me make my second point. I said that you should read the books -again- after watching the movies (after reading the books the first time, if you haven't already reversed it. <3). My reason for saying this is because this was my first time reading the books after having seen the movies (quite a number of times in fact, along with the makings-of), and when you've seen the movies, it truly brings to light some things that you may have felt before, but that were captured so clear and sharp in the movies. Those two scenes I mentioned before, in the first and third movies, one right out of Moria where you see the look on Frodo's face, and the other when you hear Denethor telling his son to go out and defend Osgiliath. ...those scenes are forever ingrained in my mind, seared there like brands on my memories, and reading the books again, those emotions that were first there and which the movies stirred...become like torrents of emotions that make everything you read all the -more- profound and beautiful. I vividly remember watching the movies and noting all the things that they changed and didn't include and so on. I now had the pleasure of reading the books after watching the movies with that knowledge, and putting the movies against the books, putting the images in my mind against what I saw on screen, and realizing how some things were similar, and some fell far, far from the mark. And yet it creates a bond between both movie and book, and altogether works to fill up the heart with the beauty and love of all types for this series.

*Smiles* ...read, watch, read again. The Appendices too. This series...is worth every shred of imagination you have and love. It will send you soaring, and fill you like nearly no other book can. I hope to see you in Middle-Earth someday. Until then...!

"The Road goes ever on and on~"
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05/28/2011 page 0
0.0% "At last! The last book in this series!! How exciiiiting! *Laughs warmly* I will tell you all now something though. This book also includes the Appendices at the end. The story officially ends sooner. It is to there that I may read and review, because I have read the Appendices, and they are top-full of information that is very slow to get through. *Smiles warmly* I've read it before. So I may not count it again."
05/31/2011 page 13
3.0% "*Smiles warmly* Perhaps now again best come to mind the words Gandalf once spoke when he said you could learn all there is to know about Hobbits, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you in a pinch~ Pippin has borne that noble streak now himself, and grasped more sway than perhaps ever before he's been given. *Chuckles* They really are an amazing people. And Peregrin is far from minor amongst them."
05/31/2011 page 15
3.0% "I -love- this part. It brings to mind a very pressing wonder, so simply put and obvious that we cannot help but think it as well. The very way the question is put, so far into this tale, as Pippin wonders it: "What -was- Gandalf?" He is amazing, certainly, but the rest...I do not think any of us will ever clearly know. It is enough, I think, that we know we love him. *Smiles happily* Even now! <3"
05/31/2011 page 22
4.0% "I -love- Beregond! He is so pleasant to be around, and gives his admiration well where deserved, even if Pippin does not feel he may fully fit such. But no, I am wrong there, because Pippin -does- know his own worth, and to doubt it would be unjust to him on my part, and would not make him himself. Beregond is as good a guide and welcoming man as any could ask for in Gondor. It's wonderful to see such men!"
05/31/2011 page 39
8.0% "*Laughs and yet smiles tenderly* Merry has done as Pippin, and yet I feel with more worth. I am biased, some will say, and I admit it freely: I am. I love Rohan and its people and its King. I feel as dearly as Merry does for Theoden, when he says Theoden will be like a father to him. For who could doubt Theoden's worth there? He is warm and kind, tender and caring, but strong and full of heart! A man worthy of love."
05/31/2011 page 49
10.0% "Here we see at last the true gleams of Eowyn, the Lady of Rohan. At first, when I met her, I did not quite love her. Yet it is here that my admiration and loyalty to her proud, strong heart begins. She is beautiful in ways all great women are, who take the paths of Men and rise above them to greatness by their deeds. Eowyn is an -amazing- character, greater in my eyes than even Galadriel! She takes my breath away."
05/31/2011 page 69
14.0% "*Smiles faintly* ...that young man who gazed so as Merry met his eyes...he will do great things, for is a mark himself, of the greatness of Rohan. For those of you who would fall deep in love, watch him. He is a sign of strength and glory you have yet to see unfurled."
05/31/2011 page 71
14.0% "*Laughs happily, softly, as though she cannot repress it* I am eager! This young Rider! Dernhelm, he calls himself. *Sighs with wistfulness and love* ...soon you'll understand why he is so great to me. So very soon now. At least, after what he has offered to do for Merry, you can understand the reason why he should already be bright in your eyes, if not yet respected as I have come to from reading about him before."
05/31/2011 page 78
16.0% "Oh Greatest Goodness! Tears come to my eyes! Faramir! Faramir! *Laughs with warmth and love* I am so glad to have him returned... I have missed him. <3"
05/31/2011 page 82
17.0% "*Tightens her lips bitterly and restrains the urge to hiss or glare at Denethor* ...this man is a vicious, poisoned plague. And how dare he! *Grits her teeth, pain in her face* ...how dare he say that to his own son. Wishing HE were DEAD! *Grabs her seat harder and tries to hold back tears* ...how can he spit venom like that, crueler than anything on earth...to condemn his own son, Faramir!, to death... God save him."
05/31/2011 page 85
17.0% "Again, Denethor! *Slams her fist against her chair and then ceases, growing quiet with bitterness and pain* ...I cannot believe a father would do that. Yet, I know all too well how a father, one who you wish loved you and would show you he cared...can be cruel, and demand more of you than you are capable, and yet even in victory never give you a kind word or embrace. *Hangs her head* ...Faramir."
05/31/2011 page 88
18.0% "Some would say of Denethor that he is wise, that he knows many things, and plans and prepares well. But there is always, and always has been from the first, mistrust in my heart. He is not cold, no. He is -silent,- in ways that shake my disbelief and arouse in me anger. He is silent about the things that most men should be roused at! He throws away sons and people, and claims it is HIS command! ...he is a monster."
05/31/2011 page 90
18.0% "Faramir... Hold on, Faramir." 2 comments
05/31/2011 page 92
19.0% "*Covers her mouth and shakes her head bitterly* ...Evil only does these things. No other...no other would cast so low, so horrible a blow..."
05/31/2011 page 95
19.0% "Fool! Coward! Idiot! Do you accept death while still living?! What type of man are you?! No, life is for those that LIVE! And you cannot despair now! Stupid, torturous man! Denethor, you have been poisoned by your pride and the thought of your own might and wisdom!!"
05/31/2011 page 98
20.0% "God save the man I love! Burning himself and his son alive! Denethor!!!!! You are MAD! *Shouts with anguish and fury* Don't you dare do this! Do not!! DO NOT!!"
05/31/2011 page 100
20.0% "*Tears spring to her eyes and she leaps to her feet* Horns! Horns! The horns of Rohan! Rohan has come! Rohan has come!! Ride to all rescue and on your flight-flecked feet, let wings be born! Ride on! Ride on and carry your Hope with you to those in despair! ROHAN!!! <333"
05/31/2011 page 107
22.0% "*Laughs softly but warmly* The Wild Men are Good, no matter what else there may be about them that is rough and unlearned. But they have knowledge of another kind. The kind that perhaps Treebeard and Elves might appreciate, if they look past the Wild Men's appearances. *Smiles affectionately* Help unlooked for, yet wonderful is help all the same. I quite like these people. They are a people I can trust and ally with."
05/31/2011 page 111
23.0% "Greatness! Greatness and deeds to be sung for ages more!! -These- are the tales that shake Men's fears and give them heart! These are the deeds that rise in our souls and give us song and Hope kindled like the very Stars and Sun! These are the days that we cherish and face with boldness!! Hope everlasting!! To Gondor, my blazing loves! To Gondor!!"
05/31/2011 page 116
24.0% "You, Eowyn, greatest of women fair and kingly...you are greater than they could make you, or capture you except in the heart. Your likeness has not been in this world for many a long age, it seems. *Pauses, breathless, and then smiles tenderly* ...would that there were more great creatures like you. Women ought to be ashamed and wither before the notion of a beauty so strong it could not be mastered, like you."
05/31/2011 page 119
24.0% "*Unable to stop them, tears and soft sobs hold her* ...to all it comes at some time, and nobler a death perhaps was not made. Yet still I loved him! And it is horribly sad to know that a man so great and wonderful, who could warm my heart unlike many others, was so soon taken from me. *She rubs her eyes on her arm* ...I will miss you, great one. I will not spoil for those of you who have not read. But oh... my heart."
05/31/2011 page 122
25.0% "Laughter! Laughter now and song! Help unlooked for! Again you come! Again are the great reborn into their own! Forth, Eorlingas! Come, Elendil! Let the darkness be swept away before the White City again!! *Laughs with joy and hope* Fulfill the battle at last, beloved! Together!!"
05/31/2011 page 125
25.0% "It is one thing to be said of a man like Tolkien, an author who captured the greatness of another time which we can all understand and engage. And yet, he is not stupid as most "writers" and foully named "creators" of "tales" that play favorites with those most unworthy. Many fell in this battle, many yet will surely. But Tolkien, even in victory, was fair. He has balance. Authors today...fall short. Fall -very- far."
05/31/2011 page 132
27.0% "Dear Faramir... Now begins another part of your tale, one which I love with as much dearness and close affection as ever I love you in your own. For here...here begins healing of a kind which I had never imagined, and which thrills my flesh and rushes my blood throughout me. *Smiles with warmth and brightness* You will be given the best of things, and beauty will always shine in your life and ways."
05/31/2011 page 136
28.0% "*Laughs with sudden mirth and joyfulness* Oh! Even though it is terrible, and many things to weep over are present, Hobbits never cease to be a great and wonderful cheer, even when they do not intend rightly to be such. *Chuckles* "Are you going to bury me?" he says! *Laughs again* Only a Hobbit would say that, still standing on his own two feet, though injured nonetheless! *Smiles tenderly* No, they won't bury him."
05/31/2011 page 138
28.0% "I must say this before I forget, for it is the most prominent of all my memories of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ch.8, The Houses of Healing, is perhaps my favorite chapter out of -all- the parts written in this great story. Perhaps it calls to my romantic side the greatest, yet there is more to it. Much, much more. A great deal of it has to do with Lady Eowyn, who is "saved," in a way that few know the meaning."
05/31/2011 page 143
29.0% "*Sighs and shakes her head* Do these people not -get- it?! Imbeciles! But innocent fools they remain. I am frustrated! I do not have -time- for them! The people I love are dying and they sit there chattering away like morning birds on the branch in some long-tiring debate over crumbs! >_<"
05/31/2011 page 144
29.0% "*Tears well up in her eyes and she bursts out with laughter, unable at the same time to hide her crying* Faramir! Faramir... <3 *Presses her hands over her heart and smiles, inclining her head with respect and in gratitude* ...thank you, Aragorn."
05/31/2011 page 146
30.0% "Yes... Now they speak of Eowyn and her true nature is revealed for all to see. A queen unlike others, for she is like a King, and a valiant Knight, and a horse-rider of as much wildness and untamed spirit as Shadowfax. She is gorgeous to fit her shell, a beauty woven of cold only so far. But yet...warmth may come. *Smiles faintly, her eyes gleaming with knowing* Yes, read on, fellow friends. And see her ends."
05/31/2011 page 149
30.0% "*Laughs warmly* Ever are Hobbits wonderful creatures! They bring sunshine like so few, and with such ease as will make you think it -is- their nature to be light-hearted at all times and cheerful. *Chuckles* Warm and wonderful they are. I love Merry. I am glad that Strider understands him so well too. *Smiles with affection on them both*"
05/31/2011 page 152
31.0% "*Chuckles warmly* Gimli and Legolas, already offering their aid to the fair city of Gondor, Minas Tirith~ <3 I would love to see the city so, in the times yet to come. I imagine it would surpass the glories of even the olden days, should the Dwarves and Elves aid in its rebuilding alongside Men."
05/31/2011 page 162
33.0% "...these are the decisions that change the world. And they are sad, and full of pain. ...but they are like our fathers, who think of their children, and their children's children...and decide that to give up their own lives so that those that come after may live is best. *Smiles gently* ...how rare a thing that is...today." 2 comments
05/31/2011 page 177
36.0% "And so the Fifth Book ends, and the Sixth begins..."
06/01/2011 page 211
43.0% "*Smiles warmly* Yes, my dear Sam. There is always hope. Beyond our efforts, beyond our lives maybe, even beyond the ages of the world into which we are born. But there is always, -always- hope. And that should give us all peace immeasurable, no matter what pains and horrors we have to go through in life. Life itself is not a misery. *Smiles brightly* It is a challenge, to test how greatly we respond to that Hope."
06/01/2011 page 226
46.0% "It's in moments like these, that you look on these two hobbits, and you think of them as they were back in the beginning. They are still the same, and yet, things have changed so. They are enduring though they are not "strong" in normal terms. They are able to remain -themselves- through fire and darkness and ash, through little hope or no hope. *Smiles* They are some of the most amazing characters ever to exist."
06/01/2011 page 241
49.0% "*Tears sting her eyes* It is over. The Quest is over. *Smiles tightly and laughs, her sounds hoarse and yet full* It's over! And yet, so much more has yet to happen now... So, ever onward I go. I am...shaken and filled with wonder, with joy, and with pity and pain. Still there is more. To this, I thank Tolkien. He knows -well- how to carry a story, full and past its expected "end.""
06/01/2011 page 251
51.0% "*Laughs loud and long and joyfully, for no other words can be said*"
06/01/2011 page 254
52.0% "Remember when I said Book 5, Chapter 8 was my favorite chapter in all Lord of the Rings? I was mistaken. I had not read the tale for so long that I had forgotten where the part I loved best was laid in this tale, but now. I come upon it, and I know it. And it stirs my heart with more feeling than I can exclaim. Book Six, Chapter Five... Where Eowyn and Faramir meet, and slowly, steadily are healed. This is the best."
06/01/2011 page 255
52.0% "*Unable to stop the smile from coming to her lips, and soon, realizing she is unable to let it leave*"
06/01/2011 page 256
52.0% "God! You just want to embrace her! And Faramir...you are gentler than even your tender words."
06/01/2011 page 257
52.0% "*Laughs warmly!* Yay! Faramir is so bold! And Eowyn so stern. *Laughs again, filled with joy* -This,- dear friends!--is Romance! <3 Proud and beautiful and hard to achieve! Open and obvious, resisted and keen! What a tale is blossoming even now before my eyes! And it has only yet begun. *Gasps delightedly and clasps her hands together in silence, and reads on*"
06/01/2011 page 260
53.0% "*Smiles wide, like a joy-filled child and bursts out with a cheer, leaping and shooting her fist high into the air* He did it!! He did it yet!! And there is still more! Still more!! Eeeeee! <3333333"
06/01/2011 page 262
53.0% "YES! HE DID IT! HE DID IT! *Laughs and cheers, clapping her hands and crying out joyfully!* This itself is a victory of another kind, and those of you who read my updates will think me silly to dawdle over a simple romance. And yet it was Eowyn's saving that made me love them, and the greatness of Faramir unfurled in his gentle, unafraid way. He alone could have restored Eowyn's heart, and I am glad for it. Grateful~"
06/01/2011 page 268
55.0% "*Smiles warmly* And so to Rohan the people that I love depart. Fare well, Rohirrim! I shall love you ever and anon! <3 But greater things are now soon coming to pass. Ah! How great are these days!! Thank you, Tolkien, for giving us all something after the end to dwell in, and to love, fair and clear and unburdened as we ever can be. We have all passed through many great things. Now they are made the sweeter for it."
06/01/2011 page 271
55.0% "*Smiles again and closes her hands upon her breast in thanks* Yes, as Frodo said, now Night too shall be fair, and the love of ones long kept apart is made whole before the world. The King Elessar is wedded. And to the only one for whom he waited so long. <3"
06/01/2011 page 274
56.0% "*Laughs* Gimli! You are ever bringing to me mirth and joy! And Eomer! I love you ever. <3 And to tell also, it makes me smile to see the King give back to Ghan-buri-Ghan his lands. *Smiles warmly indeed* To remember something so seemingly small in all this, yet so proper and due, is a sign of his wonder and greatness in all the peoples that will come to love him and already do. <3"
06/01/2011 page 276
56.0% "*Smiles with joy* This would have made Theoden very happy. <3 Very, very happy indeed. ^__^ I am so glad for it all!"
06/01/2011 page 281
57.0% "*Laughs warmly* Yay Treebeard!! <333 I love him so much!! He would be a great teacher of the ages. Greatest storyteller perhaps of all the Ages. But who now will get the chance? *Smiles warmly* Sometime! Someday! <3"
06/01/2011 page 289
59.0% "So with who it started we have met again! Bilbo! Bilbo, Bilbo! Wonderful hobbit and still cheerful as ever! He is darling. <3 But now, let us indeed go home. To the Shire, my friends, to the Shire, where this great tale first was unfolded to us, on a day uneventful and perfectly un-adventurous! *Chuckles*"
06/01/2011 page 297
60.0% "*Laughs happily* Yay! Butterbur and even old Bill the pony are alright!! Happy times even in new trouble! <333"
06/01/2011 page 300
61.0% "Now I've come to one of my favorite parts in the series, though it may seem to some a strange thing to hear me speaking with some delight at the fact that the Shire is in trouble. But I enjoyed this part so greatly because it gave our four young hobbits a chance to shine in their own people's eyes, and it's wonderful to see it brought home, even with the pain that must be abated to do it. We will see! <3"
06/01/2011 page 319
65.0% "*Laughs!* It's good to see the Gaffer's all well as usual! XD That man does -not- change! And I can't say I'm upset about it! <333"
06/01/2011 page 331
67.0% "*Bursts out with sudden laughter as she reads the line about "everyone was pleased, except those who had to mow the grass" after the telling of the prosperity that came to the Shire* XD Tolkien! Your charming humor will never grow old! <3"
06/01/2011 page 332
68.0% "*Cheers!* Yay Sam! You finally got hitched after staring at that lass for all these long years! *Laughs and claps!* Whoo-hoo!!! Congrats, Sammy!!! <333"
06/01/2011 page 340
69.0% "*Gasps and with a smile, begins crying* Ever I come to this same end, and expect it. And every time, I feel my heart leap in me and cry out with Life itself speaking. I -MISS- him! I miss -ALL- of them! I want to race back to its beginning and embrace them all and never let them pass from me! But all stories must come to an end, and again I have come to it. *Laughs and cries, but smiles at last* ...I love them. All."
06/01/2011 page 341
69.0% "One page ago, I came to the end of this tale. Now, I will dry my tears and with a firm, deeply roused smile, read through all the Appendices. I have decided that they should be read, even again, though they be long and tough. *Laughs* But how can that be?! This is Middle-Earth! And I love it. And all its things I will endure for that love. And so, to the Appendices, and then, until the last page." 7 comments
06/01/2011 page 378
77.0% "It is wrenching me! Long I have read of the history of Numenor now, until at last the love and marriage and days of Arwen and Aragorn were told. And now, they speak of their ends of days, and...! Oh God! It has been so long! I forgot how to cry before now it feels, because I cannot stop! How dearly and greatly I loved him! All Men loved him. *Wipes her tears and then smiles proudly* I will ever love him: Aragorn."
06/01/2011 page 387
79.0% "It is good to read of what happened to the people I love, the Rohirrim. To read of their rising and of the days when Eomer eventually came into his own was wonderful, and I am glad for it that this people amongst whom I would gladly and fiercely have lived, free and wild and dedicated beyond my will to many others, too live on as I would. <3 Rohan, forever!"
06/02/2011 page 399
81.0% "I am happy to see what happened to Gimli and Legolas both. They, like all the Fellowship, were very dear to me, and the way in which some say they might have left Middle-Earth surprised me at first, but...makes only too great and too wonderful sense. *Smiles warmly* It is one of the greatest things that could have ever come to pass for Gimli. I am, eternally, proud of him, and love his character. <3"
06/02/2011 page 409
83.0% "*Gasps with surprise, stunned to silence, then whirls back to Appendix A where it talks about the Stewards* I knew I was in awe of that man! Whoever he was! Thorongil... Now, reading Appendix B, and coming closer to the end of it...I find your name again. And I learn your true identity. *Brightens with awe and happiness* ...perhaps, my heart knew it was you."
06/02/2011 page 420
86.0% "*Lets out a huge breath and settles back against the wall, smiling peacefully* ...many years I thought, when first reading these books, that the end was too short, even with all the additional chapters after the completion of the Quest. But I tell you, read the Appendices and...your hearts will be full and joyous, even though sad, as all the greatest joys must be mingled with. *Smiles beautifully* It's worth it."
06/02/2011 page 434
88.0% "It is amazing the detail included in these Appendices, and thinking they are only at times smaller notations on many other books-full of knowledge on Middle-Earth sends trills of excitement through me! I love seeing this information, and love how in-depth and detailed Tolkien was! He truly took Middle-Earth to a place above the reckoning of nearly every other creation out there. Perhaps besides Jules Verne. <3 ;3"
06/02/2011 page 451
92.0% "What a read! The languages are so detailed and intricate! I would love to study them fuller if further instruction could be found! It would be wonderful to learn to write in the languages of both the Cirth and the Tengwar Feanorean letters! Amazing. Simply amazing. When I was a kid, one of my favorite hobbies was to try to invent written languages, and here I see some so complete that it thrills me! Oh I love it!"
06/02/2011 page 462
94.0% "A simple note: I love the fact that before Lord of the Rings was "translated into" English by Tolkien, he says that the names (first not last) that Hobbits had were masculine if they ended with -a, and feminine if they ended with -o or -e. That is just EPIC. Personally because I adore masculine names for female characters. <3 Even though that was changed in these books, the note is worth keeping in mind. <3"
06/02/2011 page 491
100.0% "It is done. I have read every single word of the Appendices without skimming and understood them, and learned from them. I even took the time to read through every single name, place, title and song mentioned in the last section where the Indexes are. I feel full, almost complete. *Smiles* In a way Lord of the Rings always makes me feel. At the same time, I want to rush back to begin it all over again right now. X3"

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message 1: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa *Cries* I haven't seen the movies yet... but I really want to! I really want to read these four books and then watch the movies! I need to step up my game in order to catch up! I am falling behind... AGAIN! *Flails*

But, my friend, I am so glad you enjoyed this read through as you did the previous three times. If not more so! I can tell this must be (correct me if I'm wrong) one of your most favorite book series of all time. Just everything about it! You seem to just love and worship and... *Drools happily* I'm jealous! I want to be right there with you in Middle-Earth! I am so eager to learn more about what is happening there and all those wonderful characters! I will very shortly. I can feel it coming right this way~ *Smirks*

P.S. I'm still leaning towards that boxed set. >_>

N.T. Embe You will catch up. <3 ^__^ I have no fear of that, dear. You're still very far ahead of me as it is, remember. *Chuckles*

And thank you. For seeing just how much I love it. It...it means a lot to me. More than I can really express except by loving it. *Smiles warmly and places a hand over her heart* ...one of the very few places where I can reside and be whole, and feel like I belong. It is a world for us, those who seek it. Beautiful, majestic, and was once beyond me besides my adoration of it. *Looks up at you, eyes shining and clear* ...someday, I will match it with my own. I may not be great, I may still have a long way to go, but...I am growing.

Tolkien and Middle-Earth, though not worship material, for I do not worship anything man-made or even God-made, are the things that I aspire to more than almost anything. Whether I will be able to do what he has done I don't know. My ways are different than his; that I now know. I am older now, and I see our paths are different. I will never be Tolkien. ...but I can be myself. *Smiles warmly* And that is just as good. He set a great bar for me, one I don't know if I could ever reach. But I aim to be like him. Somehow, and someday. I will rise up to his heights.

*Nods to herself* ...it's what I live for.

message 3: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa I worship things~ Like Cloudy for I am just that dedicated to my love! XD I am not so high and mighty to not admit I love something so much that I will do anything for that said thing. MY ROOM IS PROOF ENOUGH! XD I hope I can add Tolkien in along with all them other things I love so much~ <333333333 I think I will be able to~ He's just sexy awesomeness~ <---- Very articulate~ XP

N.T. Embe I don't like the word. It's misleading. I can love something just as much as you do, if in my own way. *Smiles* You choose to use it, I don't. That's the sole difference. <3

Although I agree! Tolkien IS sexy awesomeness! XD

message 5: by Rain (new)

Rain Misoa You put too much emphasis on the word. That's your problem. A word is a word. It's only as bad as you make it and I don't make it bad at all. (This is what I tell people when they complain about my cursing. Seriously people! How can a word be bad? XD) Besides, you think too highly of yourself. Nothing wrong with using a word that, by itself, doesn't hurt anyone... except idiots.

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