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Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont
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May 28, 2011

did not like it
Read from May 28 to June 08, 2011

The book was extreamly weird and i dont think i recomend it for anyone. There isnt really a point to it except some girl gets caught at a keg party with her best friend who is from sweden i think and then she finds out shes pregnant and her parents are divorced and her dad is a hippy that has the same ideas as sr amina with fast food and stuff so the main girl moves with her weird hippy dad then he sends her away so she tells her best friend that shes being sent away to canada for a kanoo trip then her best friend convinces her parents to instead of sending her to sweden to send her to the kanoo outdoor camp for a month but before her best friend leaves she finds out her parents are really her grandparents and her sister is really her mother. in the meentine they go to the camp where there is no electricity and not much authority and one of the counslers cant keep her shirt on and the main charicter is still pregnant and she hooks up with some guy and shes known as a weirdo at the camp to and some stuff happends that i forgot because it got boring but at one point the main charicter and the best friend get into an argument because the main girl wants to have an abortion and the best friend said no. oh ya and in the beining of the book the best friend has a boy friend that her parents/grandparents dont approve of because hes always on crack or some drug and hes not jewish so thats another reason that they sent her away to either the sweden or the camp so then durring when shes on the camping trip with the main chick there is some rebel dude that the best friend falls in love with so then they become a cuple and its really weird. blah blah happends and back to where the best friend and the main girl get into an argument and they stop talking and the main girl sleeps with some other guy while shes pregnant and shes really weird and blah blah. at one point the group is eating tuna or something and the main girl is the only one who doesnt eat from it and they are in the middle of nowhere on a river and they are far from everyone so when the main girl doesnt eat from the tuna eferyone else eats from it and they get really sick and had to get their stomaches pumped and the main girl wwho is pregnant was the one to get to the main camp and get everyone else to the hospital blah blah. so when they get to the hospital the main girl calls her mom and tells her mom shes pregnant and then she gets an abortion and thats it. weird
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