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Lost Wages of Sin by Rosalie Stanton
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Oct 22, 2011

really liked it
Read in July, 2011

For everyone that's fallen in love hard and fast, only to discover the object of your affection is not who you thought they were, you're not alone.

Ava, one of Lucifer's seven deadly sins, has committed the gravest faux pas an agent of hell can—she falls in love with, quits her job over, and then gets dumped by an angel! Who saw that coming, right?

Ava's mistake has cost her dearly. Turning an angel would have been a coup in hell, but getting dumped by one after sharing her identity and job puts her on every demon's most wanted list as a traitor instead. In order to buy some time, (and hopefully soften Lucifer's anger) she travels from city to city, settling somewhere no one will find her.

She thinks she's managed to step off the grid, but her longtime vampire friend Dante tracks her down—and he's been into her for centuries. Ava has no clue how he feels. Until he learns who she really is and still refuses to leave her side. Her ex angel streaked for the skies, but not Dante.

Ava feels something for Dante, but with her volatile family situation, shaken self-confidence and uncertain heart, can she trust her new feelings? Dante understands Ava's fears and decides to convince her of his dedication. And oh does he convince her. Dante's a little chatty when he gets his busy on, but he did such a great job of showing Ava what he meant, I believed with all my heart!

I loved this novel. I'm not one to read novellas, but this book is so well written I actually forgot I was reading a short story. Solid world building supported a cast of likeable, sexy characters that made you want to root for them (or become Dante's next meal—what a sexual appetite…oh la la!)

If you're looking for a great, entertaining, erotic read, you'll love LOST WAGES OF SIN!

Review originally written for The Romance Reviews.

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