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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
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Sep 29, 2011

really liked it
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*Rating* 4.0 - 4.5 maybe 5
*Genre* YA Horror


Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood has finally gotten me over the hump of not rating books higher than 4 stars for any sort of YA novel. Yes, I wrote 4, 4.5, or 5 for my rating, but in my humble opinion, it deserves the ratings it has received from my fellow Goodreads friends and others who have come before me.

I don’t want to regurgitate the same old things that better reviewers than me have already said since this book came out. But, sometimes it's hard not to review a book and not repeat what has already been said. (Especially when you take notes while reading a book like I do.)

I wholeheartedly agree that Kendare Blake is an author that needs to be put on your TBR list and followed closely. I literally could not put this book down for more than 5 minutes at a time, putting off dinner to find out what happens next.

The story is really about two main characters: Cassius (Cas) Lowood and Anna Korlov.

Cas is a 17 year old teenager who picked up the mantle of killing what should have remained dead from his father. Since he was 14 years old, he has carried a magically enhanced athame that supposingly sends the spirits on to where they should have gone in the first place and not stayed behind causing trouble.

Cas fully embraces his abilities and doesn’t try to hide from them, or run away from them. He has a mission; he has a stated goal of finding the entity responsible for murdering his father; he goes after what he wants which is ghosts that should have crossed over and not stayed behind; he is really good at his job and he doesn’t regret that he hasn’t formed any long lasting friendships since he started being a ghost hunter.

Up to this point, Cas has killed more ghosts over the past 3 years than his father did before him. The only bad side of the ghost killing is that Cas and his mother are continually moving around the globe and across the country; often times leaving school in the middle of a school session to hunt down Cas’s next target. It takes a heart of gold and some serious support from Cas’s white witch mother to have her go along with him everywhere he goes.

Anna is an angry ghost who was murdered in 1958, and cursed so that she can’t leave her house. The people of Thunder Bay, Ontario call her Anna Dressed in Red because anyone who dares cross paths with her ends up being torn apart and not heard from again, and because she wears a white dress with blood spatters on it.

For Cas, meeting Anna becomes a personal challenge to kill her since she’s the strongest ghost he’s ever faced, as well as finding out that not all ghosts are what they seem. Each ghost has a history of how they were killed and Anna’s backstory is both heart breaking and disturbing after finding out who she was killed by and why. As was said before, not everything is black and white with Anna. Yes, she is a mean spirited ghost, but in the end, she’s a person who got a seriously bad break in life and later ends up as one of the main heroes of the story.

I will admit without any reservation or hesitation that this book had the hair on the back of my neck standing up screaming at the tension in this book. I would say that Cas and Anna actually share the role as heroes in this book and the bond they formed was touching. I liked the fact that I actually found a male voice that I could actually enjoy instead of wanting to toss the book across the room at the shear idiocy contained in the book.

I liked the secondary characters like Carmel and Thomas as Cas’s sidekicks. The other characters like Morfran and Cas’s mother were also quite interesting as well as the fact that this is the first time Cas has found himself working with others to solve a case. And, boy does he need them!

Anna Dressed in Blood
2. Girl of Nightmares (2012)
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Wendy Darling I'm so happy you enjoyed this, Shelley! I really liked the secondary characters, too. :) Can't wait for the second book.

Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews Thank you for liking my review Wendy :O) And, I totally agree with you that 2012 can't come fast enough when it comes to seeing what happens next.

mrsj Glad you like it!

The Holy Terror Anna! Yay!


Jenese (Readers Confession) Hey Shell! Do you have this book I can borrow? :-)

Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews Jenese wrote: "Hey Shell! Do you have this book I can borrow? :-)"

I don't actually. I borrowed it from my library. Sorry :(

Jenese (Readers Confession) Booo. Thanks anyways.

message 1: by Hung (new)

Hung LOL. I usually see you rate so many books but most of them receive 3 - 3.5
This is the first time I see you give a book this much score.

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