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Destined by Catriana Sommers
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So, I had this really awesome (and yes, long) review already written but wouldn't you know, I accidentally refreshed the page and poof! No more review. *sigh*

Anyways, the blurb is pretty detailed on what happens in the story. Almost exactly, in fact. I'm actually glad I didn't read the blurb before I started the book or else I might have been annoyed with that. Either way, I think this book would have benefited better if it were separated into two books instead of just one. The first book possibly about Sarna and Nal finally pursuing a relationship and the injury Nal obtains and how he copes with that. The second book, I felt, should have been about the arranged marriage Nal went through because of his sense of duty and the toll it takes on Nal and Sarna as well as anything that happened during Nal's time in marriage and afterward. As it was, everything is just in one book and because of that, I felt like the story wasn't as complete as I would have liked it to be especially since it covered over a century and more of Nal and Sarna's lives.

For one, something really terrible happens to Nal. It's not as bad as the blurb makes it sound and I was actually kind of disappointed in that because it had such a huge impact on Nal and because it had such a huge impact, I was hoping to experience the trials he went through in trying to heal. I would have liked to read about the PTSD he had afterward, to know how he overcame the shame, self-loathing and self-hatred he had and how exactly Sarna was able to help him through it. Unfortunately, we don't get that type of information.

Most of the book(view spoiler) revolves around what Sarna and Nal go through to finally be together when they are still young (in their twenties). Maybe fifteen percent of the book is dedicated to Nal, his arranged marriage with Maya and the hurt and pain Sarna causes Nal because of Nal's obligation(view spoiler). The last ten percent of the book is like an epilogue. (view spoiler).

I enjoyed the characters because together they are like one person. Where Sarna is angry, mean and uncaring, Nal is the exact opposite. He's calm, in control and polite. What Sarna lacks, Nal has and what Nal lacks, Sarna makes up for. The world intrigued me. There was all these different words and things that I found fascinating and wanted to know more of especially the elements their powers revolved around. I've always loved Elemental books.

While I enjoyed it, though, I felt it lacked a lot of things. The world was interesting, there's no doubt that, but it wasn't as developed for someone like me who thrives on fantasy world-building. I wanted more descriptions on things instead of the vague information given. I wanted to know everything about these elves. (view spoiler).

Overall, the biggest fault with this book is the lack of depth and development with certain issues. The world and characters are fascinating. It held my attention through most of the book, although there were a few parts that dragged. I wanted more, though, especially when he came to Nal's healing. I still liked it and I'll continue reading the series as it progresses (unless there's girly bits). I do have to ask, what does Arcanus mean? That is the series name but I have no idea what it means and it bugged me a bit through the whole book because I couldn't find the connection between the story and the series name. Lol
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message 1: by Lola (new) - added it

Lola This looks like a video game. The cover is nice.

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Gaa-chan Oh'kay I'm scared by your tags Niky-kun! Pls spoiler me!

Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* Wow, would you look at those tags? Lol.

The cover is very pretty. It's what made me want to read it

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Veronica /  V Let me get this straight, after 50 years they finally reach their happy ending?

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