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A Ghoul Like You by J.L. Merrow
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May 27, 11

really liked it
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Niall’s visit to local club Pit is anything but typical when a young kid named Jamie follows him when he’s leaving. What Jamie doesn’t know is that Niall isn’t a vampire, he’s a ghoul who is simply looking to exist while curbing his appetite for human flesh with more humane alternatives. Jamie alters the course of Niall’s evening with the help of a wooden stake, and when the two are reunited it turns into a unique partnership of sorts.

A Ghoul Like You is a fresh and new take on zombie themed stories, and engaging writing makes the story truly a pleasure to read. The story starts out with a unique approach as it is written in first-person, a style that can be difficult to execute and is done very well here. You can’t help but be pulled right into the story and experience the tale along with the character of Niall.

A ghoul is a type of being I wouldn’t have expected when reading a zombie short story, but as close relatives with a shared taste for human flesh, it is most definitely a solid choice. This story could easily spawn a much longer tale, and with how much I enjoyed this short story I would read another tale with these characters and setting in a second.

This is not the first JL Merrow story I’ve read and I’ve consistently enjoyed each one. The author’s writing is solid and sense of humor most definitely comes through in each story, especially here with a very tongue-in-cheek approach to what could be a morbid and stomach-turning idea. Instead the author provides just enough detail to make this a delightfully fun tale of fleshy meals, vampire slaying, and naughty fun. This was published as a Halloween offering but can be read and enjoyed at any time. If you don’t mind a slight turn into gory details in your tales, definitely pick up this story for a quick bite…er, read.

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