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The Cassini Code by Dom Testa
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So, instead of a threat from the outside, this time the crew faces danger in the form of conflict from within. Some of its members, specifically a boy named Merit, are increasingly scared about the idea of going to a new world and homesick for Earth and their families despite the death sentence awaiting them back home. I realize that psychological testing and training couldn't actually prepare anyone or fully weed out all the people who might try to turn a mission like this back, but I would think these highly intelligent teens would have more resolve than that. I can understand the feeling of hopelessness and fear of the unknown, but honestly the amount of structure built into the crew's daily life would keep me on a fairly even keel and I have fairly serious depression and anxiety. I suppose that's why Hannah was doing so much better than Merit though. Her OCD let her latch onto the order amidst everything else going on and keep herself going without as much drama. Meanwhile, everyone else is smart enough to see all the possible outcomes, but without the fallback of a calm place within their own minds.
The relationships felt less forced in this book than in the previous one. Triana was allowed to be a leader and feel for each member of the crew, including Bon and Gap, much more organically which was also more realistic.
There was a one sided fist fight that featured one punch and mention of another fist fight. There was talk of surgery. I don't remember any cursing, but there may have been some ugly words. There were a couple kisses, but no making out and definitely nothing further than that.


It is still so cool that the aliens are done correctly and not humanoid in the least. Unfortunately, the idea that they'd mess with other races/species from behind the scenes is a bit much for my imagination. Also, the hint that connecting with a superior race would be addictive is kind of insulting. Unless the author is hinting that it is the feeling of belonging that Bon is drawn to and not the feeling of gaining more knowledge. I'd like to think that he's not such a shallow character that he'd be pulled into a dependent relationship on something just for an extra boost in intelligence. Especially if they are being tested for what they can offer to the rest of the galaxy.
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