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Monster by Sanyika Shakur
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May 26, 2011

it was amazing
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So far this book has been outstanding and in a way unbelievable because you cant really imagine someone living such a chaotic life, and still breathing today.The book was a great memoir;it was very detailed about places and specific names. It really is revealing about how the mind of a violent gang member works, but I think you have to be a maniac to think like Kody Scott. Not necessarily by what he tells (he is very self-serving in some details and never apologetic) but by revealing what is important to him. The family aspect, for example, is clearly revealed by how well he remembers all of his homies by their street names. People easily offended by unapologetic violence won't like this book. The author makes it clear that his past is his and his alone, accepts what he has done and has made all the things for his past that he is going to. He will apologize to those he hurt in his hood, but not to the reader, to who he feels he owes nothing.Kody has made a drastic change in his life, and is now a teacher at local community centers in LA and try to help the younger gang members these days."We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring existence by any means necessary." To me this means that we are able to have are rights anywhere at any time, and we will not let anybody hold us back from having them. This qoute sounds just like what Malcolm X would stand for.

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Reading Progress

06/09/2011 page 100
26.0% "So far Kody has stepped his reputation up for his hang lifestyle. He is in the hospital right now for being shot six times in the hand, chest,back, and leg. He is thinking about if he was set up by the girls he was hanging out with because when he was shot they vanished. Kody is pretty sure that the people who shot him are from 60's crip, and that there way older than him."
06/09/2011 page 130
34.0% "Right now Kody is out of the hospital and is home. He has been out of the hospital for two days and he's back in juvenile detention for the attempted murder on two bloods from Brims, but it was him. He is in juvenile with one of his gang friends(Crazy De) and basically there survivng in a blood filled juvy building."
06/09/2011 page 145
38.0% "Kody has been trnasferred to county jail because in juvenile he turned 18. Now that he's in jail he is with older gang members and understands the seriousness of gangbanging. He has healed from his gun shot wounds and his sarting to hit the weights because he feels as if he is going to have some problems with some people in jail."
06/09/2011 page 165
43.0% "After curving out the leader of the enemy cell block without being caught by any guards "Monster" gets his respect from basically all gangs in jail he is released because plead not guilty. He plead not guilty no 6 attempted murders and 1 murder, if he was guilty he would of had 25 to life."
06/09/2011 page 177
46.0% "Monster has been out of jail for 2 weeks and has already killed about 5 people. This man does so much killing throughout the book he makes it hard to believe this is all true."
06/09/2011 page 192
50.0% "Kody has been shot again in his arm from trying to steal a van from a civilian. Reading this book you really think about the naive people that join gangs their lives just go back and fourth."
06/09/2011 page 199
52.0% "Kody is back in jail for a robbery attempt and now he is trying to make a name for himself."
06/10/2011 page 211
55.0% "Kody scott is now back in jail. He is thinking about his life and looking into religons. Right now he is studying the nation of Islam."
06/10/2011 page 217
57.0% "Mohammed the leader of the nation of islam gave a speech to kody about life. All he can think about is his life a the decisions he has made and is going to make. well see where things go from here." 1 comment
06/10/2011 page 224
58.0% "Monster as a leader in his crip community in prison, has assigned most crips to go to the temple for church. The top office guard is totally against this, but doesnt have the proof to prove that he assigned the crips to go. He threatens Kody with no parole and staying in the box, but Kody holds his pride."
06/10/2011 page 232
61.0% "The top officer couldnt find any evidence so he sent Mohammed to another prison and that started a minor riot in the prison."
06/10/2011 page 239
62.0% "Kody was released March 7, 1984, him and his brother had been in prison for one whole year."
06/10/2011 page 250
65.0% "Kody is out and now has a girlfriend named Tamu, and he's just living life now."
06/10/2011 page 254
66.0% "He knew Tookie Williams the creator of the crips. Thats crazy"
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Bryan Diaz I think I read this book when I was a freshamn or a sophomore. Me and Alex were having a Competition who can read this book faster and also understand it. How far did you get to this book?

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