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And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
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Nov 14, 15

it was amazing
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Read on February 20, 2012

Oh my god. This book is creepy. And brillant. And motherfucking scary.

It's quite incredible actually, that having read so many Agatha Christie books as a kid I'd never read this one till now. Well, I'm glad of it. It's no wonder it's the bestselling crime novel ever. Few, if any at all, match it in brilliance. It has such a clever, but simple plot.
10 people are lured to an island, trapped there, accused of murder and then killed off one by one. So simple, and yet so complex and absolutely terrifying.

I've been properly frightened by two books in my life. The first was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I was young and that scene where Voldemort gets a body is fucking scary, let's admit it. The second was this book. I think it must have kicked in for real halfway through. There's just something extraordinarily creepy about an unseen and unknown killer - about being trapped with one. No thank you.

As the number of people left slowly (or quickly, matter of perspective) lessened, I found my heart beating faster and faster - I was freaked out, and yet intrigued and excited, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

It's just... a perfect book, really. Such a fantastic plot, and executed so brilliantly, as only the Queen of Mystery could do it. Other than creating a flawless plot, she also nails the atmosphere. And that's why I sat there shitting my pants; I could feel the fear , the isolation and the distrust. I felt it as if I was there. For a few moments I might even have feared a bit for my own life ((view spoiler))

I can't convey how much I fucking love this book. It had me jumping up every time someone opened a door, or the rain fell a bit hard on my window. Let me say it again: it's a work of complete genius. Do yourself a favour and read it.
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