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Danny by Chancery Stone
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May 26, 2011

did not like it

There comes a time in everyone's life when one has to decide whether to stubbornly go on or to cut their losses. I have just decided for the latter.

I had downloaded a sample of 'Danny' a while ago when it had somehow found its way on my Goodreads feed.

The sample is extremely deceptive. It's very long - several chapters are included and pretty good; dark, yes, disturbing, yes, but certainly intriguing enough to keep turning the pages. There's even a murder.

Things start to get really dull once you've paid for the entire book. Nothing seems to make much sense: everybody is having sex with everybody - although nobody seems to have much fun doing it. Even very graphic sex scenes can get very repetitive, and I kept asking myself - are we meant to side with this character? Or this other one? Does Character X want to sleep with Character Y more than he wants to sleep with character W? Do I even care?

Having already invested a few days in this book, not to mention the price of the Kindle copy, I was reluctant to give up - but "Danny" is a very, very long book. When the character of a policeman with huge amounts of body hair and a ridiculous moustache appeared on the scene, I began to think that joining the Foreign Legion might be a preferable option to carrying on reading this nonsense, especially as I had only reached 16% of the book. Another 84% of that would have definitely killed me.

At this point the author would probably accuse me of being a prude. I can assure her - and other potential readers - that I am not afraid of reading something explicit. But what I do object to is to have to plough through an absolute borefest of sex and unlikeable characters. Even the protagonist, Danny, is absolutely insufferable.

To her credit, Chancery Stone can write elegant prose at times - although her dialogue is often implausibly articulate for a bunch of farmers in 1980s Cumbria. But that is not enough to sustain a novel essentially made up of money shots and punches in the face.

Spending money on this book is probably going to be one of my biggest regrets for 2012.
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