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The Keeping by Nicky Charles
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Jun 01, 2011

it was amazing
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4.5 stars but rounded up 'cause up is better than down any day!

This is part two of a 3 book series. I must say that although I liked The Mating, book 1, I enjoyed The Keeping immensely- more than book 1. This book is best read after book 1 because it is a continuation of the story.

This story is about Ryne who was introduced in book 1. He's a werewolf who has left his brother's pack to form his own pack. Ryne is a gorgeous blue eyed, black haired, body to die for stud. He moves from Oregon to a small town in Canada where he buys a run down huge house on a large piece of land hoping to rebuild it so he can one day house his new pack there. He lives with his Beta, Bryan and fellow pack member, Daniel, both young weres. In book 1 we found out that Ryne is a very good photographer and he took a picture of his brother in wolf form and said picture was accidently sold to a collector.

Book 2 introduces us to Mel, a journalism student who is hired by said collector to find and interview Ryne. She is instructed to find out where the picture was taken without letting on that that is what she really wants to know.

As soon as Ryne finds out about the interview, he and his brother freak out because they believe their secret is out. The Keeping is an ancient law about protecting the werewolves identity secret from humans at all cost. But just how far will Ryne go to keep the secret?

Will he win Mel's heart and then savagely crush it? You will have to read this story to find out. But I will tell you that the dialogue between Ryne and Mel is very funny. They banter non-stop. It's hilarious. Mel has a wild imagination that had me laughing out loud. There's a scene where she's in the weres' house during a storm and she starts imagining things and ... well, you have to read it 'cause I'm not gonna spoil it.

Ryne's character was awesome to read. I loved his interactions with his wolf. It reminded me of the warriors and their demons in the LOTU series by G. Showalter. This struggle with himself complicated his duty as Alpha.

I really enjoyed reading Bryan's character development in this story. We were introduced to him in book 1 but in book 2 we got to know him and he's a great guy: funny, intelligent, confident. I'm looking forward to reading him as a leading man in book 3. Although a young one... hmmm - is it legal???

Well, Ms. Charles has not disappointed me. This is my first series my an "indie" author and I'm happily rewarded. I definitely recommend this book and the series.

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1.0% "And now on to Ryne's story: he's the sexy playful one. Lukin' forward 2 c what u got!!!"
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24.0% "I luv Ryne - up to this point, he's exactly what I expected: sexy, witty, funny and young Alpha."
35.0% "Mel's imagination is even wackier than mine!!! Lmao"
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