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The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts
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Jun 16, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: thriller-adventure-mystery, fantasy, sci-fiction

This was a very surprisingly well written and YA category book for such a plot. I was so surprised when I read the back cover and the first page that I started reading it, right there- in the bookstore. After I got to the half of the book, I went home and put it on hold immediatly at the library. I think this tells it all but what was more was that the author built so much tension all the while that I had to remind myself to breath at times. I didn't let go of this book until I had finished it to the back cover. Here is a good part from inside:

If Kerri did have unusual abilities, maybe she'd write by return mail and say so. However, probably she, like Katie, realized that some things were better kept secret, and she might not want to admit anything. And there was also the possibility that anything either of them wrote would be intercepted by some adult who would be more alarmed than amused by any claim to an ability not shared by everyone else. Grown-ups seemed to think that kids didn't need any privacy, nor deserve any.

Even with the child-lish like tone the author chose, it added even more to the thrill at some parts near the end. I only wanted it so badly to be a first-point of view narrative all along, that's one minus that I have for this book. Katie was definitely clever in her own way and I loved Jackson Jones, he was one of my favorite characters and his crazy family. It seemed that the main character matured at some parts when she was with him, or maybe that's just me because he was 2 years older than her. I was really happy for her when she found all of the other "silver eyed" kids later on and the way everything turned out, I just wanted to see the "school" for such powers more positively cause then maybe a squirrel could have been made from this book with their adventures there when Katie is a little older. Here is my review:

Katie, ten years old, medium height, brown hair, wears glasses- oh and did I forget something? Oh yeah, she has silver eyes and has powers to move the things around her without touching them and talk to animals. She is different and the teachers and her family know it. But she is also kind of normal, she likes to read, though sometimes that is taken as another weird thing by adults because she doesn't seem to ever get away from a book. Than why do people suddenly turn away from her when they look her in her eyes? Until Mr. Cooper arrives, he seems like a nice man who finally understands her and doesn't take her as "strange". Everyone likes him, but what if there is a secret inside of him that nobody knows about? As he starts asking random people in Katie's building for information about her, things start to get sticky and Katie sets on a journey to find others "like her", other kids with the "silver eyes".

This book also made the massage of To Kill A Mockingbird clear and it shows that that was the goal of the book if you went a bit deeper than paranormal powers. Everyone mistakes Katie as "bad" some even call her a "witch" and everyone takes Mr.Cooper for "good" or "a nice man". Again, never judge a book by it's cover, though the cover here is pretty neat :)

I'd recommend...

Interest level: Low
Reading level: Medium

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