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The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
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Elisa is the youngest daughter to a king. She is over weight and sorely lacking in confidence; she is a true wall flower, and yet she has been chosen by God for greatness, evidenced by a godstone residing in her navel. Something that only happens once every hundred years. Due to political reasons she's married off to the widowed neighbouring king. He, her friends and her whole country needs her to be the hero she's supposed to be. Elisa, on the other hand, is not sure she can do it.

This book had it all; a great new world to play in, likeable and well-rounded characters, a little romance, rebellions, character growth...! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Elisa transform from the spoiled insecure princess she is at the beginning to the strong, confident woman she is at the end.

My main complaint (and I hate to say this), was the romance thrown in at the middle, I just... Didn't feel it. Okay, fine, soImayhavewantedherandHectortoembracethelovetheyOBVIOUSLYfeltforoneanother. But at least he was the same age as her and not some old-forever-eternally-young unhuman thing, that's refreashing! And it was sweet and cute.

Sometimes I also felt it was a bit... Not boring, that's too strong of a word, but... Unengaging? That's not it either, GAH! What am I even trying to say?? To sum up my feelings somewhat, I guess I did not feel this insane urge to read until I finished, which is the true mark of my favourite books. I think it was the whole God-concept I'm a bit ambiguous towards to be perfectly honest.

Overall it was great! I liked pretty much all the characters, the plot was good, the world amazing, Elisa was not the average white, skinny, beautiful-but-not-realizing-it heroine, and the story was about HER, not her in relation to a man, but HER in her own right! Love me some female-empowering after all ;)

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