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Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter
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why? because:
1) More mystery
2) More espionage
3) More answers
4) More Zach

The plot reeallly starts to thicken in this book! The ending was intense, like the last one :3
I am veeeery pleased with this book *claps hands together with enthusiasm*
You guys wanna know something??? *sorta spoiler alert, that is if you're a spoiler prude*
ZACH GOES TO GALLAGHER ACADEMY! That made my day! Because that means there'll be a lot more of him, because he wasn't in the first book at all, in the second book more, not in third so much.
But seriously you guys, what do you think of Townsend? HOTHOTHOT! (not as hot as Mr. Solomon though >.<)
I think he was hot only because Cammie said he was a future Zach, haha, I'm a very fickle person.
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03/27/2012 page 48
16.0% "Bex and Zach!? NONONONONONO! NO!!!"

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Kendall Anne YES, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April*procrastinator and proud* me TOooOOoooOOOoo!!! O.o

Angela Yeah Im on page 69. I got so angry by like page 30 something. So be prepared. I'm hoping by then end of the book it'll get better.

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