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A God Somewhere by John Arcudi
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May 24, 2011

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I honestly don't know what prompted me to read this graphic novel. One day last week, I got an email notification from my library telling me I had reserved it and it was waiting for me, so I figured I must know what I like to read, whether I remember reserving it or I shrugged off my sign of early senility and cracked the spine on this one. It wasn't a bad read at all - it was engaging, with characters I came to care about, flawed as they were, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Without spoiling anything, this is essentially a story about a Superman gone terribly wrong, told with a very real-world sensibility. There's more - lots more - but that's the basic premise.

I think the creative team on this comic mini-series did a fantastic job of creating characters who were just plain joes, with histories and relationships and personalities that feel genuine and relatable. At times, I felt the scripting became all TOO relatable, to the point of becoming mundane and droney...but hey, how often does a comic book err on the side of realism? This one does. And it doesn't always work. But ya know what? The story commits to its town. And overall, the commitment to realistic characterization pays off.

This is a particularly gory morality tale based on the old "absolute power corrupts absolutely" maxim, and to its credit I think the gore, while extremely graphic, is more effective than it is gratuitous. The story gains a momentum of tragedy and gravity, and its horrors are displayed less for shock value, more for empathy. We feel the dark clouds settling over our heads as the story progresses, undeniably.

Does the story succeed in cautioning us? I have to say, I'm not sold on the moral of this story, although I suppose it raises a fair possibility in the timeworn Superman myth.

Overall, a good read and a fast read. See if your library has it.
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