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Another Faust by Daniel Nayeri
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I thought this book was not half bad. It had an intriguing plot and I love the fact that young people are willing to give up their soul for earthly things, like power, fame and winning. It's ridiculous, but really philosophical. I love all 5 characters from the story.

List of Characters

Belle- Bice's twin. She originally looked exactly like Bice, but changed her appearance to be exactly like Madame Vilroy's. She's the blonde on the cover. She wants popularity and beauty. She also has the ability to control people with entrancing potions, I think.

Bice- She is supposed to have an accent on the 'e', but I can't duplicate that. She's Belle's twin, apparently. She knows 23 languages in the beginning of the story and keeps learning more. She has the ability to stop time.

Victoria- The most ambitious of the five. She plans her whole semester automatically as soon as she learns everything there is to know about the school. She has the ability to read thoughts, but when she digs deeper, she can cause people to get sick. One time, she was so mad at a boy who insulted her, so she made him throw up.

Valentin- The playboy of the story. He has the ability to rewind time. He can make anything that turns out wrong, right. Valentin is a very talented writer. He craves power and wants to be accepted.

Christian- The goody-two shoes of the story. He is at loss. He wants to gain fame and does not want to be poor, yet he wants to hold up to certain ideals. He is extremely athletic and strong. He is probably my favorite character.

I really liked all the characters. I have read the Faust once and disliked it, but this book may have me check the Faust out once more. The only thing I have against this book is that it only focussed on Victoria and Belle for the most part. Valentin had a larger role than Christian and Bice, but everything was really focussed on Victoria and Belle's hatred of each other.

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