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Hexed by Ilona Andrews
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Mar 26, 12

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Read on June 07, 2011

Magic Dreams - Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels 4.5) 4.5*
Loved it. I was curious about Dali since her first appearance: she's an unique character, with her physical weakness but a strenght she's not aware of, so I really appreciated this insight on her, the relationship with her mother, knowing how she sees herself and that she couldn't stand Kate, how she tries to be strong for Jim and fighting the impulse to try to gain his attention and not wanting to trouble him too much.
I really liked discovering Jim's romantic side, barely hinted in the books, and his reasons for not acting first as well.

“It has eyes but cannot see; it has ears but doesn’t listen; it has fangs, but it doesn’t hunt; it has a womb, but it’s shriveled and dry; it has knowledge but can’t save itself; it will die alone, regretting everything. What is it?”
Ha! “It’s me. Do you think I don’t know myself, Hiromi?”

I wonder if there's more - and what - about what Hitomi said, and I really hope we will see how Dali and Jim's relationship proceeds: between them and in front of the Pack!
I'd really enjoy seeing more of this couple. A lot more!

Re-read on 22-24 March 2012
Magic Dreams - Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels 4.5) 4.5*
In addition to the compelling style and the peculiar and original characters that make her stories so special, Andrews has the great gift of succeding in making the reader understand how her world goes without excessive details and/or explanations that could otherwise confuse or annoy the reader. Neither she says too little, with the consequence of leaving the reader wondering what he's reading.

Something lacking in the other three stories in this anthology.

Ice Shards - Yasmine Galenorn (Otherworld / Sisters of the Moon 9.5) 2 *
Narration was hard to follow, there are redundant roundabout expressions and it jumps from an archaic-like language to contemporary slang and swear language. But above all, the story-telling is sterile: it does not convey any of the emotions presumably felt by the characters, in particular by the protagonist. I haven't felt any transpiring of anxiety, or worry, doubt, guilt, fear. But neither love, nor for the man who Iris has supposedly loved in her past, nor for the man she's in love with now, neither the strength of her desire to have a family and children with him. Almost paradoxically, Vikkommin appears livelier than Iris and make you feel sympathetic, at the point that I almost regret she didn't die (as well)!
To worsen the ensemble: many names and nouns are almost impossible to pronounce, there are many notions and quotes of gods, spirits, magical beings, creatures&co without further information on worldbuilding, further elaborations on characters, even the main one, are deficient/absent, and there's a presence of seemingly unnecessary and/or inconsistent details (the pocket mirror is just the essential object for the improvised fighter! Isn't it?! If the use of that "fire" is a forbidden knowledge, why the temple priests and priestess openly use it for torture?).
The theme that brings together myths and legends of the Nordic tradition would be interesting, but this short story fails to capture the reader for the main series.

Double Hexed - Allyson James (Stormwalker 3.5) 3*
Interesting story with a good pace, you can feel a certain tension that drives you to continue reading.
The plot tends to show only the characters' worst features and so they lack a good insight, that depth necessary to the reader to become really interested and attached to them, but the plot management and the elements you can see of the worldbuilding are intriguing enough to make you want to go and read the regular books of the series.

Blood Debt - Jeanne C. Stein (Anna Strong Chronicles 6.5) 1*
I find this style of narration with very short periods, sometimes of only one word, like in a grocery list, very irritating.
I didn't like the main character at first sight: she feels too good, too strong, too capable and she's egocentric, and has a lot of angst, but unfortunately without a good dose of self-irony to temper that.
Reading felt a hard chore, and neither the premises of the plot nor the characters took grip on me, even in the slightest, and at the end of chapter five the last flicker of still-reading-will abandoned me.

3* overall just to not penalize Magic Dreams
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