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Fair Game by Josh Lanyon
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Dec 12, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: erotic-m-m, erotic-re-read
Recommended for: All mystery and romance buffs
Read from May 25 to 28, 2011 , read count: 4

I l-o-v-e-d this book! Josh Lanyon knows how to cajole his readers with evocative descriptions that takes us on a journey with his characters. It's a beautiful experience to read his mellifluous way of writing. This book had a strong storyline with a great mystery. I was hooked till the very end guessing about the "whodunnit". Intertwined with fabulous romance, as usual Josh Lanyon's multifaceted "human" characters drew me in completely and I cared about both of them very much.

(view spoiler)

There was a small tiny little itsy-bitsy part where i thought "uh-oh, that's a bit illogical" (Warning! please do not click the spoiler if you don't want to ruin the story for yourself!)(view spoiler)

I applaud the author's use of culture/art references and quotes that he used to build a plausible, intelligent believable environment that makes reading this book into a much richer experience. The reader is never left on the sidelines wondering about all the academic jargon and FBI jargon that is used in this book - we are right there with the characters and up to speed on all of the terminology used which was downright fantastic! His descriptions of the physical environment of the book, place you right there in Seattle with the characters and reflects beautifully on the author's thorough research.

Hats off to you Mr.Lanyon! Kudos!


*12/12/2012 - Updated read count to 4
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14.0% "mmmm...josh lanyon's writing is like cool water flowing over parched earth...the water slowly seeping in and a delicious aroma of wet earth consuming the air i think, one can tell i missed reading JL :)" 14 comments
41.0% ""The long, mournful harmonica wail of a train whistle drifted in the night, interrupting Elliot’s bleak thoughts." - It's a beautiful experience to read JL's mellifluent way of writing" 7 comments
60.0% "Okaaaaayyy...i don't understand this urge to keep Tucker informed after he clearly said the FBI is off the case...what...! Caught a little illogicality there Mr. JL! ;-P But it hints towards yummy situations...so...not complaining that much...;-)"
85.0% "The guy i suspected just turned up dead... i'm really liking the mystery and the romance! :-)"

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Heather C I need to read this. Let me know when you plan to start!

message 2: by ❂ Endless (last edited May 25, 2011 06:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

❂ Endless hey heather :) I'd like to start reading it today...how's your schedule? Are you up for it? i can see you're already reading 2 books...i could wait till you finish those...

Heather C Well I'm really only reading Fool Moon, but I can start tonight!

❂ Endless Yay! Sounds good! Tonight's the night then :)
hope you're having a good day

Heather C Just got to work and already dealing with issues. I want to scream!! Lol. But I'll survive! :)

❂ Endless Awww...sry to hear that... Think about the fun we've saved for the evening and cheer-up... work is after all just work...don't let it get to you... Sending cheerful vibes your way :)

Heather C Thanks, I'll let you know when I can start but you don't have to wait for me. It will probably be late tonight

Lauraadriana Enjoy ladies!

❂ Endless no hangups HC :)

Thanks LA :) I would've asked you to join us but you've already read it...feel like a re-read?

Lauraadriana Endless wrote: "no hangups HC :)

Thanks LA :) I would've asked you to join us but you've already read it...feel like a re-read?"

Re-read JL?? Always babe!

❂ Endless heyy... then definitely join us tonight...it'll be fun! :)

The exact time isn't important...just that we'll be reading it "kind of" together :)

Heather C I'm at 4%!!!

Lauraadriana Glad you liked it endless...JL is a brilliant genius!

Mandi this is one of my favorites by him! :)

message 15: by ❂ Endless (last edited May 28, 2011 04:12PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

❂ Endless @LA :-D yep yep totally agree! JL is quite brilliant!

@Mandi...and now it's one of mine as well :-)

message 16: by Ilhem (new) - added it

Ilhem Nice review. You got it right, I feel cajoled when I'm reading Lanyon's books. Yes, I'm totally biased.:)

❂ Endless :D Thanks. I know exactly what you mean. I reserve JL books for when i desperately need some pampering. :)

Elizabetta Great review! This was fun :)

❂ Endless Thanks. :)

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