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A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
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May 24, 2011

it was ok
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Read from August 20 to 28, 2011

This book bored me.

It could have been that I read all five books back-to-back this summer.

It could have been that I am over Martin's overblown descriptions.

It could have been that I kept getting confused by the fact that A FEAST FOR CROWNS and a DANCE WITH DRAGONS happen pretty much simultaneously. Despite the fact that I read one right after the other, I was still confused as to why Sam was still at the Wall in the beginning of DRAGONS.

It could have been that this book featured my least favorite characters, with the exception of Tyrion and Jon. The rest: meh.

It could have been that Martin was beating a dead horse (a pale mare perhaps?) with his political, moral and ethical agenda. I GOT IT GEORGE! "Words are wind." Gotcha. Let's move on.

It could have been that each characters stock phrase/description are starting to wear a bit thin, and as such, are making more of the once fully fleshed and dynamic people seem cardboard and wooden. OH TYRION!

It could have been the over-use of the c-word (in reference to female anatomy) and c-word derivatives. If one must use slang to denote ill-breeding or powerlessness, let's at least be creative in the language.

It could have been that it's the end of August and I'm ready to move on. So farwell Westeros, Slaver's Bay and the Free Cities. Adieu to the icy Wall and the cold lands North.

I will not be holding my breath, pining for the next installment.

I will move on, read other interesting books, perhaps fall in love with a new series.

And one day, years from now, when I'm wandering through my public library, I'll see the next book in the series on the shelf. Maybe I'll pick it up. Maybe I'll just keep walking.

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