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Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard
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KNOCKED OUT!This is a 5++++++++++++++ rating book.Absolutely wonderful awesome heart warming emotional read.Loved Reese-Maddie both are cute adorable caring strong intelligent characters,Reese is a man full of integrity and his ranch is his pride and when that pride was attacked and half snatched he was filled with bitterness but Maddie came into his life and completely healed him though it took some time but he did came to his senses

Reese-Maddie's are now on my top 10 favourite couples shelf,in start of their marriage their relationship lacked all essential emotions required-trust love understanding support,but as time passes by and they start spending time knowing each other and understanding each other,making each other realise their mistakes and most importantly their relationship survived even without trust-love-understanding cause both supported each other through thick n thin

Reese had a lot to work on-his mistrust,his bitterness,his anger and his habit of seeing everything through April's eyes and making decisions based on what April did.I completely understand he was attacked brutally cause his pride was attacked and its the worse blow anyone makes which left him wounded,that is why i am not angry at his words-actions and way he judged Maddie and most fun part was way Maddie always proved him wrong and made him realise and accept his mistakes and finally he comes to his senses

Enjoyed their bickering-riddles so so much,Maddie stood and fought Reese and made him realise his mistakes and healed him completely,this is one couple who accepted each other with their flaws and they did'nt tried to change each other but completely accepted each other,Maddie's fighting techniques were fun,after so much anger fights pain hurt Maddie's hard work and love wins and they both get their happiness and truly deserved HEA

Overall a fabulous read
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Mareli One of my favourite. I cannot wait to know what you think of Reese but mostly of Maddie.

Booklover Mareli right now i am loving Maddie,Reese is making decisions based on his past,wanna see how he grows

Mareli I'm very happy to see your review! This book is so good I have to read it again and again. Maddy is one of my fav heroine of all the time!

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Booklover Mareli wrote: "I'm very happy to see your review! This book is so good I have to read it again and again. Maddy is one of my fav heroine of all the time!"

Mareli same here she is one of my most adored and loved heroine ,she never did bend in front of Reese infact she fought him in her own way

the book is absolutely wonderful,its on my all time re-reading list

LLCSpokane I loved this book. I got it from the library a year ago but decided I needed my own copy for rereading.

Nancy Anderson I have read a lot of romances over many years
This is near the top of the list & one to re-read :) Evangeline & Diamond Bay & Rainbow ones
are SO excellent !!!

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