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Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig
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Apr 05, 2008

liked it

this has got to be one of the worst books i have ever read (and this guy has had 7 other books published!). i would recommend it to No One except to those with a seriously unhealthy obsession with Gone with the Wind. You will be disappointed, very very disappointed: things come out of Rhett's mouth that he'd never say, drunk or sober. and that's the least of my complaints about a book that turns Rhett into Huck Finn (no shit). notice, however, i am STILL reading it. don't be too hard on me.

at the outset i had little - i mean no hope for a book where Rhett Butler wistfully pines, "One morning, I surprised a loggerhead sliding down an otter slide -- sliding for the pure joy of it. John, have you ever seen a loggerhead turtle smile?" i just about quit reading then and there but decided to drudge through at least to the part where Rhett meets Scarlet. . .and gosh by then i was into it. With bits like this one:
"Many years ago, when Eulalie's husband died, she thought she had lost everything. She'd never dreamed she had so much more to lose. Willy was dead and her daughters had run off with Sherman's soldiers. Eulalie and Frederick got so hungry, they'd killed Eulalie's little dog, Empress -- and then been unable to eat her."
the book comes close to being so bad it's good. go ahead and read it i dares you. Frances, i'll expect to hear from you on this.
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