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In the Highlander's Bed by Cathy Maxwell
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May 23, 2011

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Gordon Lachlan is a man on a mission, to reclaim the country he calls home. He is the leader of what remain of the rebellion to return Scotland to its rightful owners - the Scottish People. However to do that he needs more followers, he needs an army worthy to take on the English troops. The Sword of MacKenna will bring him those followers and he's established a plan to retrieve the sword. He's going to kidnap Constance Cameron, a relative of the English Duke who has possession of the sword and ransom her for its return.

Constance Cameron is a fish out of water, born and raised in the America in the Ohio Valley, she doesn't belong in an English Finishing School for Girls. She doesn't belong among the prim and proper misses simpering over their future husband's ranks. She's going to escape and hop the next boat back to America with or without her sister's permission, most likely without. Her plans to escape are thwarted when Gordon and his men kidnap her as she's running away.

Sparks fly as two strong willed people oppose each other, but when Constance decides to join the rebellion she gives his people the hope and purpose that he was trying to achieve with the sword. She gives them back their heart and in the process steals Gordon's.

The book is fairly well written, and on the exciting side with plot unexpected plot twists and plenty of excitement. The sparks between the main couple are humorous and entertaining. Constance however, for a strong minded independent woman doesn't always seems to know what she wants and she changes dispositions like the wind which bothered me. The character growth in the novel came too easily and I think distracted from the overall story. Real change in people takes time and work, it doesn't happen overnight. The underlying plot twist of Fiona, Gordon's sister who was kidnapped and raped by English troops in an attempt to draw out Gordon was a nice twist but her path to regaining herself again came too easily. Some of the things just didn't seem realistic. It's a good story, but I think it could have been better if she'd created more inner turmoil for the characters and made it more difficult for them to become who they needed to be.

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