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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
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Jun 26, 2011

it was amazing
Read from June 21 to 25, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Fantastic, fast-paced story. I could never think of Ender as a child - a genius ahead of his time. Sad, too, as children never had a chance to be children, carefree. The characters were amazing...Ender, Peter, Valentine, Bean, Petra, Dink and of course Graff, Anderson. The battle school chapters were incredibly vivid. I could not wait for the next battle, the next 'promotion', the next success. How hard were they going to push Ender next? How were the rules going to change? The psychological games and dilemmas were riveting throughout. I felt happy for Ender when he 'reunited' with his battle school friends to end the war with the buggers....although the irony and genius of it all is that there were never games but the real battle and the end of the third invasion. The isolation of Ender throughout the book were very difficult to deal with, so young and training him to be a killer. Also, how genius when at the end of the book he sees the world that he used to play in to distract himself...the bugger's message to him.
I loved Ender. What a fabulous character.
His name Ender...Valentine called him that because she could not pronounce his name clever as that was my reminder that he was only a little boy, a child, a little brother.
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message 1: by Diane (new)

Diane Laurence, glad you found your 5 star read :)

message 2: by Diane (new)

Diane Doug, what about my slammerkin review?

Laurence Doug, I was blown away. So clever! That is the type of stuff I look for when reading a book. That kind of genius. I am going to read Ender in exile in August. Have you read it?

Doug Bradshaw I enjoyed Ender in Exile, but it doesn't deliver quite the punch. It's like visiting old friends. The Bean books were actually quite enjoyable. I've read four or so of those and enjoyed them. Again, not quite as good as Ender's Game, but in that some interesting world Orson created.

Shelli should read A War of don't need to read Ender in Exile first!

Shelli Doug...I think your comment should be in a spoiler!!

Doug Bradshaw Shelli wrote: "Doug...I think your comment should be in a spoiler!!"

Actually, I decided to delete that because it would be a huge spoiler. Thanks for saying something. I forget that people read these one on one posts sometimes. But, that was an unforgettable moment.

Shelli It was awesome!

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