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Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor
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Apr 24, 08

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This book was very predictable and boring. There is endless repetition that acts like filler just to get over 300 pages (how many times does the reader have to read how emotionally damaged Sin is and how beautiful and wonderful Callie is???), nothing really happens after you've hit the half way mark, it's touted as being witty/funny but there is very, very little humour and what is there is ho-hum, the love story is gag worthy--all your stereotypical bad romance story inanities, the language doesn't match the period (I don't really think they were saying "Oh you wish!" way back in medieval times), and everything is extreme--so beautiful, so angelic, so sad, so horrible...it's like the author didn't know any happy medium.

If you want a lack-lustre story with nothing interesting and the same old same old, then this is the book for you.
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message 1: by Auntee (new)

Auntee This is one of the books that everybody seems to rave about on the Amazon boards. Is this the guy they talk about as being the most 'tortured' hero?

Eastofoz Yup that's the one Auntee and that's why I picked it up. Born in Sin seemed to be on so many "must read" lists too. I like highlander stories and the title was catchy so I picked it up. If you read some of the reviews on GR they're glowing---I don't know maybe I've missed something or I've read too many really good romance novels and I can't handle the humdrum ones anymore. For me the story had too many problems to make it worth recommending. If you end up reading it post back :)

Katy I did read this one, although i loved the book reading your post has made me wonder and actually think SIN was the most tourtured of the brotherhood. I think Kinley could have actually made a slightly more interesting story as regards to Sin. I think he was swayed to easy. He seemed to go from bad to puppy almost in pages. It could have been made into such rollercoaster of emotions but i think now it did fail to hit its mark. I think sometimes with Kinley she has to get so many books out she seem's to just rush and she is cabable of such good books. Eastfoz if you like Highlanders try 'The Secret' by Julie Garwood and the next in the series of books 'Ransom' Julie Garwood. By far the best ones miss Garwood has wrote.

Eastofoz The Secret and Ransom are two of THE best Highlander romances I've ever read (thanks for the recs though :) . The word play is brilliant in Ransom especially. I really like Highlanders but have rarely had luck with them :( KMM's Highlander series, that just about everyone raves about, wasn't something I can say I really liked. I have the last one to read which I'm not holding out all that much hope for. Monica McCarty who's the latest Highlander craze just didn't do it for me either, too much narration and attention to detail that I don't care about same with Bertrice Small. I've only read one each of their novels (Highlander Untamed and A Dangerous Love from Small's Borderland Chronicles) but from what other readers seem to have told me if I didn't like those I wouldn't like the others in those series.

As for Born in Sin, Kinley MacGregor is just not an author I like. I tried her Lords of Avalon series (Sword of Darkness) and just hated it. Born in Sin was so hyped about the tortured hero (a theme I love) but I didn't think it came together well, though a lot of readers really liked it.

I've also tried Kresley Cole's MacCarrick brothers and I just hated that first book If You Dare. I have the other two on TBR (bought the whole series all at once) and I'll eventually give them another shot seeing as I love her IAD series. They nearly all have great covers at least ;)

message 5: by Lubka (new) - added it

Lubka I ve seen all the reviews, so I decided to buy all the books from these series...soo wrong...really terrible I didnt even finish 3rd book...and language reaaly bad for medieval times, for example bodyguard, boo boo and i think luggage as well...terrible

Eastofoz Eesh! I hate when that happens and goodness knows I've done it enough times myself. I bought JD Robb's In Death series--at the time around 20+ books all at once and all new and I didn't really like it after book 2. Now I have all these books I'll likely never read (!) Book hype is a killer I tell ya! Born in Sin was especially disappointing for me because of all the rave reviews out there. Different strokes for different folks I guess eh :)

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