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Vurt by Jeff Noon
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Jun 06, 2007

it was amazing
bookshelves: scifi
Recommended for: hybridity scholars, scifi fans, video game fans, people who like good books
Read in November, 2004

This is such a smart book, but for some reason doesn't have the recognition that it deserves, at least not in literary circles. It speaks intelligently on hybridity, drug culture, game culture, created communities, fantasy spaces, writing as's just crazy good. I had a prof who called this a "game narrative," one of the first novels to use the conventions of video games as part of its narrative strucure, which is, trust me, extremely cool. I have a big love for this novel, and recommend it heartily.
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julia do you any recommendtions for books similar to Vurt? I've been looking for somethign this amaznig and inventive for ten years now.

message 2: by graycastle (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:07AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

graycastle Hm. Not really! Some of Neal Stephenson's stuff is very inventive, hybrid scifi (particularly Diamond Age and Snow Crash) but I can't think of anything that quite approaches Vurt. Maybe some cybertexts - you could try Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl, which is a Storyspace cybertext available on CD-ROM from Eastgate. It's probably the most inventive, hybrid narrative that I know. Other than that - nope. Lemme know if you find something like Vurt!

Corinne ready player one - it's a 'game narrative' too
you both should like it, it's a quick read
also Vurt has a sequel - pollen, and there's also 'needle in the groove' and 'nyphomation' (I may have that wrong but it's something like that word) as well as 'automated Alice ' - and a few others. those are all of his books and they all take place in the same world as Vurt - your problem is finding them bc they are all out of print. all of noon's stuff on eBay is insanely priced.
just checked amazon - he has two new ebooks, as well as some of the above that are super cheap.

also 'ready player one' read it if you haven't - it has all sorts of references to video games and well, nerd games like D&D

hope I was of some help

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