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Dark Fires by Rosemary Rogers
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Aug 11, 2013

it was amazing
bookshelves: karla-s-keepers, romance, alpha-hero, bodice-rippery-goodness
Recommended to Kerrie by: Karla
Recommended for: fans of the old bodice-rippers
Read from February 28 to March 24, 2012

The Rosemary Rogers Reading Experience™ is a phenomena that can't be conveyed with words.

The euphoric reader's journey of Yours Truly

The opening scene of Steve and Ginny in constant kissy-kissy morning-afterglow had me scratching my head. Huh? Does...not...compute...

Oh, I should never have doubted Rosemary! This is Steve and Ginny after all, and soon WE'RE OFF!!!!

Steve takes off yet again on another of those "secret missions" of his, leaving Ginny vulnerable to the oh-so-nefarious designs of one Prince Ivan Sahrkanov and his unwitting accomplice Dr. Count Chernikoff, who tempt her away from Mexico with the story that she's actually Tsar Alexander's long-lost illegitimate daughter (that little plot thread is never fully resolved, btw) and she needs to go to Russia pronto! and fulfill her obvious potential of being a Princess.

Poor Ginny. She pines for Steve, who is nowhere in sight and hasn't bothered to write. Well, she'll show him she won't just wait around for whenever he decides to come back! She'll prove she can take care of herself! So before she knows it she has become a docile apathetic little thing with the help of a constant supply of Chernikoff's magical headache powders. In a drugged haze she finds herself married to the Prince. You GO, girl!

Next stop: San Francisco. Prince Ivan immediately starts whoring out his wife for money and influence, and Ginny, in a constant fog of opiates, just shrugs her way through her miserable existence. At this point Steve! appears under another identity and of course the Love/Hate relationship starts all over again because:

Steve: I can't leave you alone for 5 minutes before you start spreading them for another man, you slut.
Ginny: (thinking) Well if you told me you loved me, things would be totally different!
Ginny: *shrug*
Steve: I'll make you respond, you ice-cold bitch!
Ginny: I hate you! Die in a fire!
(Seconds later)
Ginny: Curse my traitorous body!

It was here where Steve! let the Aura of AlphaBastard™ slip somewhat and he showed some real tenderness toward Ginny. He knows she's a raging opium addict and it's killing him to see his wildcat Ginny have all the emotion and energy of a year-old moldy dishrag. So he does what any Awesome Co-dependent Husband would do: "You're an addict! Here's some more headache powders, they're just not as strong."

Finally, in the first real WTF moment, the evil Prince is removed from the goings-on with a piratey duel mixed with kung fu and our Crazy Couple are reunited. But once again, it doesn't last long...

The next part opens with Steve shagging the Italian prima donna Francesca di Paoli while Ginny is traipsing around Europe and making tongues wag. This of course pisses Mr. Double-Standard AlphaRatBastard to no end. But these co-dependent drama queens were at each others' throats toot sweet and a separation was considered wise. Steve is now a millionaire, business deals are going on left and right and soon he must go on another one of those "secret missions" but he catches typhus and sets the stage for the Certifiably Batshit INSANE last half of the book. I shit you not.

Amnesiac Steve, now known as Manolo, ends up in Louisiana and hired by the crazed deviant giggly Trampslut Toni Lassiter, who has hooked her claws into a plantation and driven the previous family into a life in the swamps. The Rosemary Magic™ had been rolling along at a low boil but at this point it simply exploded and the shit hit the proverbial fan from all 360 degrees.

My quasi-spoilers stop here, but lemme give a visual approximation of my face for these last 220 pages:

Especially when 2 pages from the end of the book they're both on the run from the sheriff's posse and yet they still can't help bonking like bunnies while out in the Louisiana swamps.

Some choice quotes from our Loving Couple:
"Did you stab him in the neck before or after you hit him with the bottle? It seems to have become quite a habit with you, hasn't it--stabbing the men who have ravished you, but only after they've had you over and over again! You tried that on me once, remember? Is that how you get rid of the lovers you've tired of?"

"I hate you! I'm sorry that Ivan didn't have you killed after all!"

Ginny--damn her slanty green eyes and her too-easily yielding body--she had always been the only woman capable of making him fly into a jealous rage that could blind him to everything else, even caution or reason. He should have done what he had threatened to do far too often and never carried out--beaten her a few times, to show her he meant business.

I enjoyed this book more than Sweet Savage Love, but only barely. Really, this one is off-the-charts Pure Crazy Fun. If you're an Old Skool Bodice Ripper Fan. Bring your Big Girl Panties for this one and just roll with it. You'll be glad you did.
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Reading Progress

02/28/2012 page 24
4.0% "The beginning was so.... sweet. Uhhh... it's like Steve and Ginny genuinely care for each other. That's not gonna last long!" 1 comment
02/29/2012 page 50
8.0% "This Prince Sahrkanov is BAD NEWS... Run, Ginny, RUN!!! " 2 comments
03/02/2012 page 88
15.0% "Ginny: Curse my traitorous body!" 1 comment
03/04/2012 page 132
22.0% "OK, so Ginny's staying in a laudanum-soaked haze to escape her reality... *checking watch* What's Steviekins up to? I miss the bastard." 10 comments
03/05/2012 page 162
27.0% "Whoa! Major plot contrivance convenience #1! I did not see that one coming! Bravo, Rosemary." 3 comments
03/06/2012 page 180
30.0% "OMG! Plot contrivance convenience #2! STEVE!!!
03/07/2012 page 188
31.0% "So after a long-ish separation where Ginny pines for Steve nearly Every. Damn. Day!, their first reunion is like 2 toddlers fighting in the sandbox, except it's in a river and they're splashing water at each other and trading sarcastic barbs. *shakes head* These 2 deserve each other so very very much." 3 comments
03/11/2012 page 305
50.0% "Two men, of almost equal height and build, both stripped to shirts and breeches: Steve Morgan, mercenary, outlaw and guerrillero-turned-millionaire, looking more like a corsair than ever with a sword in his hand, feet braced slightly apart, body deceptively relaxed-looking; and Prince Ivan Sahrkanov, last of his noble line, a cynic and gambler and, in his way, an adventurer, looking sure of himself and his weapon." 2 comments
03/16/2012 page 399
66.0% "Man, Rosemary is BITCHSLAPPING me with sudden change of scene and a new cast of characters. O__o" 2 comments
03/18/2012 page 423
70.0% "Amnesiac Steve just scalped a guy. Toni The Crazy Bitch gets all turned on by it: "I never saw anything like--you were magnificent--so savage--you're an animal... I'm at your mercy. You can do anything you want with me. Take me--rape me--isn't this part of the revenge you came looking for?" Scratching/clawing/biting/sucking-of-blood sex ensues.
[image error]" 2 comments
03/23/2012 page 545
90.0% "How could a man who was already half-dead, and half-hanged, escape? And where had he disappeared to?
Cuz he's Steve, baby. That guy could survive a nuclear blast and it would make him look a little more rugged and good-looking, I swear." 1 comment

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Karla Get ready for the sheer hatesex nastiness! :These two really do act like Lewt and Pearl at the end of Duel in the Sun. :D

Karla A+ x infinity! You managed to actually give the plot of the book in a somewhat coherent manner! I gave up & thought it was impossible. Visual aids do help. :D

Now dampen your expectations for Book 3. :P

Kerrie I didn't even attempt the Louisiana part because it was soooooo crazy. I didn't get into how much I really liked Francesca. She seemed to get along with Steve way better than Ginny!

Karla Yeah, I liked Francesca. Definitely a better fit for Steviekins. I can't remember if she's in the 3rd book as well. That one is kind of a blur. I really don't remember a thing about it. :-\

Kerrie I know! And there was a scene between the 2 of them and Francesca said that they were just way too much alike to get along and I thought, "But... but.... you two get along MUCH BETTER than Steve does with Ginny!" :D

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* Fantastic review Kerrie! Loved it!! :D

JadedlilFecker I'm SO ready to break this one open! *rolls up sleeves, and unpetals umbrella for sheer hellfire* XD

message 8: by Kathylill (new)

Kathylill laughed so hard while reading your review. This book has all kinds of crazy going on. :D

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