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May 22, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from October 04 to 08, 2011

"Farwan shot down some proxy terrorist. In retaliation, her people set bombs all over Ankaraj headquarters, demanding the head of the bloke that gave the order. They're holed up with hostages, and the Corp's shut down all air traffic within two hundred kilometers of the city."

I feel as though someone punched me in the chest. He believed I'm dead, or he wouldn't be doing this. It's vengeance now, he doesn't see a way for us to win. In his own eyes, he failed me, so this is the only thing left.

I didn't realize the truth, the scope.

He would kill the world for me.

I have to save him.

Wow! I am completely in awe of this "fragging" awesome Sci-Fi world Anne Aguirre has created. She made me wish I was Sirantha Jax....Okay maybe that's because I love March.;-) Well anyways Grimspace is the first book in an epic romantic science fiction series about Sirantha Jax a carrier of the rare genetic J-gene with the ability to jump ships through Grimspace. After she's accused of intentionally crashing a ship she's navigating leaving eighty-two dead she quickly becomes the target of a brutal investigation by her ruthless captor. As the sole survivor with no memory of the crash, she finds herself imprisoned and undergoing a merciless interrogation, and is quickly succumbing to this torturous treatment when her savior a complete stranger reaches out a strong hand to aide in her safe escape. Jax finds herself on the run as a fugitive without the means to clear her name but with a mission of humanity in this fast paced adventure testing love, honor, loyalty and strength.

I'm Sirantha Jax, and I have had enough.

Who is Sirantha Jax? Kick-Ass Sirantha Jax can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare! She's such an amazing character created. In many ways she's extremely relatable because her most recognizable trait is her ability to select self preservation as her first choice of action, that is until she finally finds something more important than herself. Once she accepts her fate she proves to be a heroic protagonist I can't help but cheer for the entire way through. While inside her head us readers get a full visual of the agonizing pain she has endured while she gathers strength to trust her new companions quickly becoming friends in an effort to succeed in establishing a new healthier breed of jumpers while discovering the "truth" behind her mysterious horrific crash. I just couldn't get enough of Jax, she's witty, determined to stay alive charming, honest and one of the most fascinating protagonist I've ever had the privilege to read about.

"Go to hell, March." But I'm still smiling while I say it. As I doze off again, I'm pretty sure he says,
"Been there, done that, and I'm keeping a spot warm for you, babe."

Oh where do I begin with my Barrons-esque lover Obsession March. He's deliciously honorable and charmingly witty as well. He has this banter with Jax that's almost equivalent to sexual tension in a room I wish I were sharing only with him. He's a warrior, fair but can be brutal when called upon. Dangerous and sexy March is the leader of the small group of mercinaries involved with rescuing Jax and embarking on this mission to creating new jumpers while discovering the truth. He's as aggressive in his war battles as he is in the bedroom and he's definitely a memorable character long after the book is finished. With all his Bad-Ass qualities March isn't afraid to go from an honorable man to a man who knows NO boundaries to what exactly hes capable of when something or someone he cares for is threatened he will destroy you and ask questions later. I just love that! His passion makes him the kind of man I most admire in a hero that I can't wait to explore even more.

"You think it didn't cut me every time you thought of him?" His jaw clenches. "You think I didn't bleed when you left my bed to scrub away my touch and deify his memory? You think it didn't hurt when you left me? Jax, you've been slicing me to bits for months, and there's damn near nothing left."

Dina and Doc become easy friends and partners along the way for Jax. Whereas Doc is decent, kind and highly intelligent, Dina is snarky, hilarious and a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to these two continuing on the journey with Jax and March. For those readers who find themselves in favor of supporting characters over main characters will not be dissapointed with these two! Especially Dina; she's the type of girl I could share lip stick with but wouldn't want to find myself on her unfavorable side in a dark alley.

This book was heavy on the science fiction and heavy on the romance and I LOVED every single page of this book! To those of you like myself that have been hiding under a rock unaware of the brilliant writing of Anne Aguire and her Sirantha Jax series has been missing out on such an awesome series that has quickly become my newest obsession favorite! ;-)

"You don't need to be afraid of falling, when there's someone around to catch you."

*Thank you Cat Russell (Addicted to heroines) for initially recommending this amazing series to me, Christen (Goldilox and the three weres) for backing up Cat, and Jamie for relentlessly urging me to read this emotionally charged series. I am indebted to you three immensely. ;-))))*
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Quotes MISS VAIN Liked

Ann Aguirre
“No matter how interminable something feels, there is always, always an ending. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes it's bad; sometimes it's a matter of indifference, and sometimes it's heartbreaking, and your life is never the same thereafter.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

Ann Aguirre
“I’m not a woman you bring home to Mother, pick out china patterns with, or Mary forefend, breed. I’ve seen a chunk of the universe, true, but there’s still so much more to see. I doubt I’ll ever cure this wanderlust, and I’m content with dedicating my life to failing to sate it... He’s never going to sit at my feet and write me poems, which is good because I hate poetry, except dirty ones that rhyme.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

Ann Aguirre
“Mother Mary of Anabolic Grace, we got Teras incoming?” He levels angry blue eyes on me. “You’re a hex, lady, dark luck, powerful bad juju, ken?”
“Only to people who try to kidnap me,” I tell him sweetly, and March snorts, so I feel obliged to add, “Or rescue me…” And then Dina makes a pfft sound. “Or who travel with me…” My gaze sweeps around the darkened interior, trying to find an ally, but nobody will hold my eyes more than two seconds, it seems. “Fine, frag you all, I’m dark juju, bad luck, and you’re all doomed.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

Ann Aguirre
“You don’t know what it’s like to be alone until you’ve had someone inside your head.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

Ann Aguirre
“We’re both so fucking broken that I understand our strange attraction, a push-pull magnetism born of similar scars.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

Ann Aguirre
“Sometimes you find your heroes in the unlikeliest places.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

Ann Aguirre
“I never knew I had the power to hurt him, only that he possessed the power to hurt me.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

Ann Aguirre
“You don’t need to be afraid of falling // when there’s someone around
to catch you.”
Ann Aguirre, Grimspace

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10/05/2011 page 12
4.0% "You don't expect a man in a suit to fight like a gladiator; You expect him to stride up and say politely, "I'm sorry, I'm quite turned about. Do you know where the lift is to the hydrophonics garden?"" 46 comments
10/06/2011 page 103
33.0% "I will always come for you Jax." 12 comments
10/06/2011 page 115
37.0% "If he takes one single step toward me, I'm going to kill him with my bare hands or die trying. I know which I prefer."
10/07/2011 page 166
53.0% "I know I don't look as good as I did before the crash, but I'm a rocket in bed."

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Jamie "Reality is March grieving. Reality is how he watches me when he doesn't think I'm paying attention. Reality is the way he always keeps his promises. Reality is....him loving me although he's seen every scar, every fault, inside and out, magnified a thousand times. Reality is him saying to himself: I want her, no matter what. She's mine."

MISS VAIN Oh gosh what a fabulous quote Jamie. I'm so in love with March that as soon as I write my review I'm diving right into the next one!

Jamie This is an extremely quotable series....the quotes just keep on coming :)

MISS VAIN I have like a million quotes that can go into my review and so I'm really having to narrow them down a bit. Haha.

Jamie I love that you loved this book! See, I'm a HUGE March fan. He wiggled his way into my heart during Grimspace and hasn't given ground. I'm SO glad you read this, and I can't wait for you to continue the series :)

And props to Cat for getting us all to read it!

MISS VAIN Yes I loooooove March. I can't believe I waited so long to read it.
In between football tomorrow I'm going to begin Wanderlust because I have to dive back into this series.

Yes props to Cat, but you made me read it with all your enthusiasm! :-)

Roxanne *Fan girl scream* I love March! Fantastic review, can never have too many quotes. This series gets better with each book. But Vel is and always will be my favorite character!

Wendy Darling I'm really looking forward to this series. :)

MISS VAIN Roxanne-Thanks!!! :-)
I love March and you know what I completely forgot about Vel in my review, I had a quote for him and everything, thank you for reminding me. I may just have to go and remedy that mistake...;-)

Wendy Darling-This may be my first official hardcore Sci-Fi book, but it let me puzzled as to why! It's was fabulous and it had almost just as much action as romance. It's very appealing to UF fans who enjoy romance in their plot. I'm pretty positive you would love this book. :-)

Mithrendiel Did you say "Barrons-eque"? Holy crap - sign me up! :) This was a fantastic review, Ms. Vain! So good, in fact, that I am now going to drop the Iron Druid series (temporarily) to read this one asap. :D

MISS VAIN Ha!!!! Barrons-esque lol.

Thanks Mithrendiel. Now you're putting a lot of pressure on me. If you don't like it I will feel awful. ;) But honestly I LOVE this series. I hope you do too!!! :)

message 12: by Mithrendiel (last edited May 25, 2012 10:20AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mithrendiel I'm about 50% in right now, and I can honestly say I haven't been this euphorically excited about a series in a long time. I fell in love with the characters and the world from almost the first page. It's such an imaginative sci-fi setting. The premise reminds me a little of the Ann McCaffrey’s The Ship Who Sang, but with its own unique flavor. Unless the author REALLY drops the ball in the next few books, I have no doubt this series will make my all-time favorites list.

Thank you sooooo much for the recommendation.

Mithrendiel Okay, it's official, I finished what's been written in this series, and it's now on my all time favorites list. Notably, I'm not officially adding any of the books to my read list yet. :) I'm going to assign Grimspace as my July selection for my book club, and one of the rules of the club is I have to pick a book I've never read. LOL ha - so I'm going to be sneaky about it because I really want to introduce the ladies in my reading group to it.

The thing that really struck me about the series is the poetic prose, and incredible wisdom packed into each book. I highlighted so many passages. It's strange, I don't remember Ann Aguirre's writing moving me as much reading Enclave. There's just something special about the Sirantha Jax series I guess.

Have you read any of the Aguirre's Corine Solomon series yet? I was thinking of checking it out.

Oh, and I share your love of March. I am 100%, hand down team March. He did remind me quite a bit of Barons, and while I wanted to smack him at times (for putting his causes above his love), I understood him. I hope Jax and he finally have their time together. Vel is an amazing friend and companion, but I can't help but feel that March is who Jax was always meant for. Man, aftermath left me crying like a baby. I'm so sick of those two having to say goodbye to one another...

MISS VAIN Wait!! Mithrendiel....you read all the way to Aftermath??! I hadn't idea! I'm not on GR as much as I would prefer and sometimes I miss out on lots of information!! I'll have to check out your reviews.

I cried too!! Trust me it was hard to read. I'm just NOT a Vel fan. I mean he's a good friend YES, however I only want March & Jax to be together but sometimes she's so selfish that I actually wished that March would kick her to the curb, LOL. But I NEVER want March to get dumped because I love him so much. Lol.

I agree though that March & Jax are meant to be together. One day I was discussing this with Anne Aguirre and she scared me to death (I can't remember word for word, but it was hilarious) she gave me the impression that maybe Jax could end up alone too because she doesn't want her to be dependent and change her lifestyle to suit a man......:( I'm like as long as its with March, that's okay!!! LMAO!!

I have not read CorIne Solomon but I did hear it was very good!! :)

Jamie MISS VAIN wrote: "Wait!! Mithrendiel....you read all the way to Aftermath??! I hadn't idea! I'm not on GR as much as I would prefer and sometimes I miss out on lots of information!! I'll have to check out your revie..."

Don't get me started on my March love, lol! I might type away on here for hours, lol!

Mithrendiel Ms Vain: It’s funny – I saw a lot of reviewers bagging on Jax for being selfish. I didn’t really see that in her. I never stopped loving and respecting her character. What parts of series did you think she was acting massively selfish? (view spoiler)

Oh lord – I’d have had a heart attack for sure hearing Anne say something like that. March and Jax have just gone through too much pain, heartbreak, and loss together to not finally end up with one another at some point. What would the point of all that suffering be if Ms. Aguirre wasn’t going to give us a happy ending some day? I guess if this were RL we could say that Jax grew and learned through her heartache – became a better, more complete person and the like. But jeez, this isn’t RL, this is fiction, and in my fiction I want my happy endings! Ha! The last few lines of Aftermath really give me hope:

There will be a someday. Then I turn and hurry toward the hover-cab stand. I am not born to be an earthbound thing. Even as I step into the cab and it lifts, so does my heart. I believe in a future where all things are possible, promises are kept, and you can, indeed, go home again. And he will be waiting. Always.

There’s better be a someday! Are you listening to me, Ms. Aguirre?! *shakes fist*

Mithrendiel Jamie: YAY another March fan!! <3 There's a shocking number of Vel fans posting reviews. I was starting to think Ms. Vain and I were alone in our love of March.

Jamie Mithrendiel wrote: "Jamie: YAY another March fan!! <3 There's a shocking number of Vel fans posting reviews. I was starting to think Ms. Vain and I were alone in our love of March."

Ask Miss Vain who forced her to read this series b/c she wouldn't stop gushing over March, lol! I was a bit dramatic and overbearing with my March love. So glad you <3 March, too ;)

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