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The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford
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May 30, 2011

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Portia Mullins thought she was a normal girl with an encyclopedia salesmen for a dad, a nurse for a mom and a crush on the hottest boy in school who didn't even know she was alive. All that changes when she turns sixteen and she finds out not only is she a witch and a powerful one at that, but her Dad is a warlock and her Grandma is a witch too. To top it off the hottest boy in school, Vance Mangum, very much knew she was alive and as a warlock himself had been counting the days to her sixteenth birthday so he could introduce himself to her. Vance explains to Portia that not only is she his soul-mate, but he's in her coven because his demon father has been hunting him trying to steal Vance's power and turn him to a demon as well. When her best friends, the wannabe Barbie doll turns into a crazy goth chick Portia knows something's up, she only hopes she can get to the bottom of it before it's too late.

If you like paranormal romance, you'll most likely enjoy this books. It's fast paced with a good flow and easy to read. However, you'll also find quite a few grammar errors and I guess you'd say an immaturity in the writing that goes beyond it being a first person narrative in the eyes of a sixteen year old.

The characters are first of all a bit too perfect, their only possibly bad qualities have very good reasons behind them. They really don't have character flaws in anyway and both could be described as a Mary Sue character. They also seem to accept everything blindly. Oh I'm a powerful witch, well maybe I'll express disbelieve for a couple paragraphs but then I'll roll with the punches. Oh, we're soul-mates, cool, it's what I've always wanted. They fall instantly in love without any of the doubt or getting to know each other in typical relationships. She also has an 18 year old boy turning down sex with his girlfriend because he wants to wait until she's of age and they're married. And neither of their parents care that they spend every night sleeping in the same bed. Magic or not, no eighteen year old will be spending the night in my daughter's bed when she's sixteen. Their relationship is like a PG version of an adult relationship minus the courtship where they get to know each other. Nothing in real life falls as instantly into place as these characters' relationship does. No teenager is that good or accepting either. With a little more internal conflict in the characters and some more obstacles put in their way this could have been an excellent story. A better copy editor would have help as well.

I should also mention that these modern day children never even mention computers or video games or any of the other things that are normally as close to every teenage kid as the air they breath. It sort of reminded me of the PG way a mother might describe her teenage years to her children leaving out any part that could possibly be construed as a negative influence for them to copy.

That said the plot was interesting and it did flow well. The writer also has a nice writing voice. If she learned to be a little meaner to her characters I feel she could write an excellent story. She has potential and I plan to read more of Weatherford books in hopes these things will improve.

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73.0% "It's got some grammar issues, but nothing too jarring. I'm guessing the writer is a much younger person because it's got a kind of immature feel to it beyond the fact that the main character is 16. It does have a good flow to keep you turning pages but the characters are too perfect and there's not a lot of real strife for them."

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