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The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
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May 18, 2015

really liked it
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Read in May, 2011

First I should say if you haven't read the Iron King and Winter's Crossing you should read those before beginning this novel. Second I'll complain that there isn't a hardcover copy of this book because I like my books in nice durable Hardcover.

This books picks up with Meghan a "guest" of the Winter Court, though more a prisoner than anything else. Mab has locked away her Summer Magic without her knowledge and if she'd thought her world was turned upside down before it was nothing compared to the violence and backstabbing of the Unseelie Court. Mab hates her, Ash ignores her and Rowan taunts her to no end. Her only ally seems to be Sage, Mab's oldest son who is killed when he finally offers her some sort of I don't know maybe it could be called advice, maybe comfort. The scene is so short you can't be entirely sure that his olive branch wasn't intended to be another backstabbing court intrigue which was prevented by his murder or if he was a genuinely nice Ice Prince. Worse even after the prince is killed by the Iron Knights no one other than Ash believes they exist and all blame Meghan for his murder.

Ash helps her to escape then leaves her in the care of Puck, now healed from his gun shot wound. Though he explains to her what would happen if they were to be together, he doesn't seem any less betrayed when she take comfort in Puck. From here Kagawa also throw in the plot twist of Puck confessing his love for Meghan and eventually her turning to him as the rebound guy. I didn't really see Meghan's behavior as changing love interests, I saw it as one of the many defense mechanism people have for harsh break-ups - the rebound guy who's destined to get hurt in the long run. Though she did foreshadow Puck's feelings a little in the previous book when he told her he would have done anything for her, Puck confessing his love for her was a bit of a surprise. With the confident behavior Puck consistently displays in the story I have a hard time believing that he thought of Meghan as anything more than a friend before she was with Ash. I feel that if something deep beyond friendship had really been there Puck would have pursued it full force. It did seem like a bit of a ploy to me to copy Meyers Team Jacob, Team Edward Twilight Scenario. This suspicion is reinforced should you visit Kagawa's website where she has banners for Team Puck and Team Ash. I think Kagawa could have still created a block with the character of Puck is much more believable methods, such as the jealousy of where is the best friend left once the other falls in love. Or even in the form of Puck's genuine concern for what will happen to Meghan if she continues to pursue Ash. I think throwing Puck in as a love interest for Meghan was one of the biggest downfalls in this story because the sort of relationship chemistry needed for that to happen like it did in the Twilight series just wasn't there for Meghan and Puck.

While I'm also disappointed that her concern for her family seems almost wish-washy in this story as she bounces between being content letting members of the Winter Court watch over them and rushing to their rescue, I felt Meghan started to really grow as a character throughout the course of this story. You can see in her actions that she really wants to be the heroine and she's tired of being the one who always needs to be protected and saved, her main issue is she doesn't know how to go from being the damsel in distress to the heroine who saves the day. I like the fact the Kagawa gave her an in-between, a story where she's not quite still a weak damsel in distress, but she's also not an overnight hero. I really enjoyed the scene with the healer and the winter formal, though I'd like to have seen Meghan do a little more to get even with those who mistreated and tormented her in the first novel. It bothered me because it felt like she was still content to take her beatings laying down if you understand what I'm saying.

The strength of character Meghan reaches by the end of the novel is excellent and putting this book down you can't help but be contented with the ending of the story and the girl she's become.

One of my favorite characters in this story is Iron Horse because for the first time you start to see that the Iron Fae aren't completely the bad guys, that they're honorable and many are only doing what they feel they have to in order to survive. I really liked that the story started to make you question who the bad guys really are. While there is the new obvious bad guy of the False Iron King, it starts to become clear that being an Iron Faery doesn't make you evil. Overall it was an excellent read and kept you turning the pages from beginning to end.

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