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Daemons Are Forever by Simon R. Green
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May 21, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy
Read from May 21 to 28, 2011

I was torn between 3 and 4 stars on this book. Three would have been dropping it below the rating I gave the first volume in this series. In the end however I believe this is a 4 star book if with a few things I find to be slight flaws.

For one thing the books (seems to me) to take forever to get passed it's rehash of the first volume and set up of "where we are now".

I remembered a passage from P.G.Wodehouse in one of his books while setting up the story. There is he says, always the problem of how much background to give as those who haven't read the first book saying "what ho, what's going on here" or the crowd who has read the preceding volume saying "Old stuff, get on with it".

In this case I was well into the "old stuff get on with it" camp by the time we "got on with it".

I don't want to be unfair here. I suppose Green did want to be sure that everyone knew who all the players were, who the Drood family was and how everything got where it is. Still, it seemed to me that the story took around 150 pages to actually find itself and get going.

Also for me the edgy humor in the book while it's something I like managed to reach the "over the top" point a few times and hits a totally absurdest tone. Of course that could be just me...and a further "of course" that could be what Mr. Green was aiming at.

On the whole however the book does pull itself together, jell and then take off. It becomes another fast moving "save the world or else" adventure with Eddie threatened from all sides. Between the BIG baddy villain and the Drood family itself Eddie has his hands full.

Quote from Daemons are Forever 2008 paperback edition page 358:
"...I was going to have to pull off one of my last-minute, odds-defying, race-against-time-and-save-the-bloody-day miracles. I don't think people appreciate just how much those things take out of me."

Another good book of what is usually called the "thrill ride" variety, an urban fantasy with a decidedly humorous drama feel. Enjoy.

*********************** Spoiler Below Line ********************************

I do have a pet peeve here and one that I have with other books...it's "Mr. Stab". Jack the Ripper was a real man, a monster in his own right and I hate to see him used as a character in a novel where he's in any way sympathetic or even semi-sympathetic. This almost ruined A Night in Lonely October by Zelazny for me.

The Ripper was evil, he committed evil acts...actual evil acts. To me that is different from a fictional "serial killer" or whatever...maybe just me, but I don't care to have the character being painted as "the poor soul can't help himself" or whatever. If the man repented I'm glad. I know God's forgiveness covers all. But please don't paint him in pastel colors...

Also the Mr. Stab Penny plot line was one of those foredoomed situations that could only go one way...we all saw it had to go the way it did barring some last minute rescue by Eddie, and that would of course have changed the profile of the characters and the story. It bugged me, I have a negative reaction to the entire picture it paints.

Again this may not hit others as it hits me...that whole foreshadowing of doom thing from Molly's words, "it's always the bad boys that makes a girls heart beat a little faster" touches a lot more on reality than most of the book. Sadly so. Oh well, rant over.

A sad sidetrack in an otherwise good book.
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