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Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson
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Apr 07, 12

This is really unfortunate. Basically Wilson tries to redo Illuminatus! but doesn't have Shea there to temper his stupider libertarian cyber-worshipping tendencies. The books basically amount to "everyone who criticizes technology or the inevitability that neoliberal capitalism will save us all in the end is a crazy hateful robot, and everyone who agrees with Robert Anton Wilson about everything is a genius." Ralph Nader as the BAD GUY?? Really? Stupid speech about how black pride is racism and borne out of hate or whatever? This is a really awful book compared to Illuminatus! and everything good in it is basically directly copied out of there: read it instead, and if you want good Wilson solo work read Masks of the Illuminati, which is great and is short enough to prevent him from lapsing into naive libertarian rambling all the time.

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