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Legend by Marie Lu
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Dec 14, 2011

did not like it
Read in December, 2011

I gave this one star because the plot was good. But, I'm sad to say that's about all that was good.
The book is told from two different points of view, the hero Day, and June the heroine. Unfortunately Ms. Lu does not do a good job of separating the two and giving them two distinct voices and personalities. If it weren't for the fact that Day's POV is bolded I wouldn't have been able to tell which was which.
It didn't help that the story is told in present tense which I don't like, but that alone would not have gotten me to stop reading. (One of my favorite books is in present tense)
The writing style is very...immature, almost like I was reading something one of my 10th or 11th grade students wrote. There were a few times when one of the characters would flash back to when they were younger ie six or seven years old, but their dialogue did not fit what a seven year-old would say, and the words they used were not age appropriate. I will shell out a hundred bucks if someone can find me a 6 year-old who could use the words 'assigning' and 'warfront' properly in a sentence.
The characters were developed, but again they sounded just like each other, their thoughts, their personalities, their humor and wit were too close together. It might have worked if Lu had written the book in 3rd person, but the way she wrote this is kind of a mess.
I had to force myself to finish this and it was almost painful to read. I had to keep going back to figure out who was speaking. The romance was off, probably because the characters were so close in personality.
The actions scenes were okay, but I found myself wanting to skip over them which is something that almost never happens with me. I love action scenes. But the ones in this book didn't get my blood pumping, didn't even move me anywhere close to the edge of my seat. In fact, I think I yawned--a lot. That's not good in a book that is supposedly "action packed".
The only praise I can give this book is for the plot. A dystopian government conspiracy will win me over pretty much anytime, but she could've done so so so much more with this. A little more work on her characters and their development and a good editor to fix the rough edges and this book would've been golden. But it just did not live up to its potential. And potential is only worth one star. I really wish I could give this book a better review, because I hate dishing out bad reviews, but Ms. Lu didn't give me much material to work with.
Save yourself the disappointment and leave this book alone!

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