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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
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May 30, 2011

it was amazing
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One of my all time favorite books! I can't say enough good things about this book. Varen & Isobel....*sigh* what can I say. I was haunted after reading this. Haunted & obsessed!!

Varen, the king of the goths and Isobel, popular cheerleader obviously inhabit very different social circles but they are thrown together to work on an English assignment on Edgar Allen Poe. The story is told from Isobel's perspective & she is horrified to be partnered with "his Darkness-ship". Also less than thrilled by this is her possessive boyfriend & cheerleader best friend. However, Isobel finds herself being drawn to Varen & starts lying to her friends about meeting up with him to work on their project. This is where the story starts becoming dangerous. Isobel starts seeing strange creatures and having unexplained events happen to her. At the center of all this is Varen with his mysterious black notebook filled with all things Poe.

This story is very original filled with suspense, creepiness, romance but also hilarity. I was laughing so many times at some of the things Isobel thinks in her head. The most funny lines though, come from Gwen, her wise-cracking new friend and her bratty younger brother, Danny.

I have to say I hadn't ever read anything by Poe & didn't know much about him before reading this book. After reading Nevermore I went & looked up some of his short stories & poems, along with the commentaries on them (that just shows you how obsessed I am with this book!) I'm glad I did. I re-read the book & understood the Poe references that are cleverly laced throughout.

The only drawback with Nevermore is that is ends on a cliffhanger(I hate cliffhangers!). I guess you could look at as a good thing too because that means we get more of Varen & Isobel!

All that being said, I highly recommend reading Nevermore. Trust. It does not disappoint!!
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Kelly Creagh
“You're really a blond," she said, her tone just short of accusatory.
"And if you tell anyone, I will come to you in the night and smote your everlasting soul.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

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message 1: by Sonya (new)

Sonya Great review as always, Rachel! Moving higher on my list. I'll possibly read this in the coming summer right before book 2 come out. :-)

♥Rachel♥ Thank you so much, Sonia! :) Nevermore is one of my all-time favorites. Have you read any Poe? I hadn't but going back and reading some of the short stories mentioned made me pick up some things I missed before (I've read this like three times!) But it's not essential to love the story.

I think it's a great idea to wait until the second book comes out or close to it, anyways. I find, I forget so much when I read them so far apart. I just re-read Unearthly before Hallowed and I know I wouldn't have remembered half of what was in the first book if I didn't do that. It's such a great experience to read one right after the other!

message 3: by Sonya (last edited Apr 08, 2012 06:45AM) (new)

Sonya Yes, apart from that, you don't have to wait! For books I love, I would be dying for the next book.

No, I haven't. I'll see after reading Nevermore. So, I'll know which short stories to read.

By the way, how's your vacation? :-D

♥Rachel♥ It was really nice. I'm back home now. I was gone just long enough to miss it here! Thanks for asking. :) How are your exams going?

message 5: by Sonya (last edited Apr 08, 2012 07:17AM) (new)

Sonya I miss you as well. :-) Thanks for asking, but I have no answer for that... But I'll be free to read at the end of this month. :-D

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