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Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
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Apr 09, 2012

it was amazing
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Well, this is my second time reading Unearthly, in preparation for Hallowed. I think I enjoyed it more the second time around.

Clara is not your average sixteen-year old girl. She is what they call an angel-blood, part angel inherited from her mother. Clara, like all angel-bloods, has a purpose, something that she's been put on earth to fulfill. This is gradually being revealed to her in a vision. Each vision reveals more and more about what the purpose is, but not all is clear. Clara's particular purpose involves a boy standing in the woods, in the middle of a fire. She believes that she is meant to be saving him, but she doesn't know who he, is or where this is to take place. She wonders what he'll think of her when they finally meet, because every time she sees him in the vision, her heart speeds up.

I loved this story, everything about it! Cynthia Hand draws you in from the first page. She masterfully keeps your attention by slowly revealing the facts around Clara's purpose, and the background and make-up of the angel lore she carefully sets up. The relationships and characters, both main and secondary, are also well done. Everyone knows that I detest love triangles, and while this book is more of a set up in that direction, this one is not bad. There's Christian, the perfect boy from her visions, here's the description for him:

Hot is really not an adequate enough word for this guy. He is crazy beautiful. And it's more than his looks--the intentionally messy waves of his dark hair; the strong, eyebrows that make his expression a bit serious, even when he smiles; his eyes, which I notice can look emerald in one light and hazel in another; the curve of his full lips. I've been seeing him from the front for all of ten minutes total and already I'm obsessing about his lips. *sigh*

Then there's Tucker, the home-grown, down-to-earth, hottie. I'll give you a sample of their banter:

Tucker: "You’re the girl with the Prius who almost rear-ended my truck this morning," he says. Clara: "Oh, sorry about that." He looks me up and down. I feel myself blush for probably the hundredth time that day. "From California, right?" The word California seems like an insult coming from him-----"Well, I doubt that I would have done any damage to your truck if I'd hit you," I retort. "It looks like the back end is about to rust off." Tucker scoffs. "That rusty truck will probably be towing you out of a snowbank next time there's a storm." "Tucker!" exclaims Wendy. "Don't you have a rodeo team meeting or something?"-----"You're the one who wanted to chat," he says to Wendy. "I didn't know you were going to act like a pig." "Fine." He smirks at me. "Nice to meet you, Carrots," he says, looking directly at my hair. "Oh, I mean Clara." My face flames. "Same to you, Rusty," I shoot back, but he's already striding away.

Both are equally swoon-worthy, and amazingly written. I loved the antagonistic relationship Clara and Tucker start out with, and the fact he calls her Carrots! I also loved the pained longing Clara had for Christian.

(view spoiler) *sigh, melt, sigh*

I can't do this book or series justice with my review. The story and pacing are seamless; Cynthia Hand is truly a talented writer. Just take it from me, you do not want to miss out on this! If you haven't read this yet, go, go, GO!! READ IT!

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Cynthia Hand
“Tucker: "But she gave me the perfect gift."
Clara: "What?"
Tucker: "You.”
Cynthia Hand, Unearthly

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25.0% "And here I am Team Tucker all over again. Give me a blue eyed cowboy who can pull my car out of a snow bank & give me snow ski lessons all at the same time and I'm sold! Plus, he calls her "Carrots," how cute is that?!! You know what that say about a guy who teases you, right?" 7 comments
55.0% "And I'm back to hating Kay Patterson again! Going to prom with a guy and having them pine away for someone else is torture!" 4 comments

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Eunice Yay! Happy re-reading, Rachel! I'll be watching you when you start with Hallowed! :))

♥Rachel♥ I'm a little nervous about Hallowed, Eunice!

Jasprit Yay! Happy reading! I miss Tucker already! I'll be stalking your updates for this and Hallowed :)

♥Rachel♥ No, I haven't read Hallowed. I was putting it off because I hate cliffhangers! It's been a long time since I read this so I needed to refresh. :)

♥Rachel♥ Good to know because I really liked Unearthly, Sam. :)

Eunice ♥Rachel♥ wrote: "I'm a little nervous about Hallowed, Eunice!"

It was great, Rachel. But be a bit prepared emotionally. ;)

message 7: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura I so have to read this one!

♥Rachel♥ Thank you Sam. I'm so sad that I'm finished with this series until the next one comes out. I could literally read these all over again, I loved them that much! :)

♥Rachel♥ I don't know, but....I'm going to a signing with Cynthia Hand on Thursday!!! I'm so excited! I will ask her then. :)

♥Rachel♥ I will! :)

Giselle Aww I love the Tucker banter! I love Tucker! haha. Glad you loved this too Rachel. Hallowed is great as well we learn a lot about her mother's past etc.

♥Rachel♥ I loved Hallowed. I read both books within the space of four days! I was so emotional after it! There was a lot learned but also a lot of questions left. It's going to be hard waiting to see how it all turns out.

Cindi Enjoy Hallowed! I read it in one day, then went into a pouty, poor-me the next book's not out FOREVER slump.

♥Rachel♥ I'm already at that stage Cindi! I read it in one day! You are sooo right, I'm totally pouty-poor-me, and saying the wait could possibly kill me, it's that bad, stage! :(

message 15: by B0nnie (new)

B0nnie Carrots! that's what Gilbert Blythe called Anne (of Green Gables) and she wouldn't speak to him for what, five years or so

♥Rachel♥ I guess that's where the author got the idea for the nickname. It's very cute, although, Clara doesn't think so at the time. :)

Jasprit Nice review Rachel, you're quotes are just making me melt! And you're so lucky you're going to her signing! I wish we had more events like that over here! :)

♥Rachel♥ Thanks Jasprit. The nice thing about writing this review was getting to relive some of the scenes! Especially my favorite one! I can't wait until the third book is out. Are you Team Tucker or Team Christian?

I know we are lucky, we get a lot of authors that come through our area! :)

Jasprit In unearthly I was totally team tucker but since hallowed Tuckers winning just by a smidge! :)

♥Rachel♥ Same here. It's gonna hurt, whoever is picked!

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