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Until I Die by Amy Plum
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Aug 10, 2012

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2.5 stars because of the spectacular ending.

The first half of the book: swooning and eating each others faces. I really started to get annoyed. I understand that you want to kiss all day, hell, I kiss all day if I get the chance – but you don’t see me writing a book about it. I want action people! I want a story with a proper story line. Just throw Jules in, that would make it at least better. We do get a lot of time with Victoria and Arthur. They are new in the group and they are here to help them with the Numa problem. They are keeping low and it’s suspicious. They have a new leader, but the Revenants have no idea who it is.

Well, after that, it becomes better. Luckily, otherwise I don’t think I could have finished it. Kate decides to find more information, since Vincent is experimenting on his own – and he looks like a mess. He is trying to find a way to resists his urge to die, but Kate doesn’t like the secrecy. After a long search, she finds an old book with a possible solution. Unfortunately, the information is not complete and of course: she does find a second copy with the rest. She visits the place, but the owner is gone for some time. In the mean time, they swoon a bit more. Kate gets the chance to talk to the owner and the old lady knows a way to help Vincent.

That’s when the action picks up. The old lady is kidnapped and the Numa finally attack. The leader stands up and the Numa take Vincent away. He is supposed to be the Champion and the leader wants to kill him to take over his power. Are they able to safe Vincent?

The ending annoys me. Not only because it’s an open ending: now I really want to find out what happens next.. Which means that I have to read the next book. It also surprised me, I have to admit that. The ending was more exciting than the rest of the book (although that’s not so hard). I’m sorry for being so harsh! I don’t like to be mean, so let me say a couple of things I did like – because in the end, I read the whole book.

Kate is developing more. I liked that she searched for information behind Vincent’s back: she is not planning to stay stupid. Vincent thinks he can keep Kate safe if he keeps her in the dark: think twice pretty boy. I think Georgia is fantastic. She is everything I’m not. Flirty and easy going with other people. Her humor is nice. If we would skip all the romance, it could be a pretty good book.

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07/08/2012 page 24
7.0% "Alright, decided to give it a try.. Hope it will be better soon, because the swooning already annoys me :p"
07/17/2012 page 78
22.0% "" Any lingering doubts I had melted as quickly as snowflakes over a bonfire."

Yeah, if only life was that easy."
07/18/2012 page 193
54.0% ""But this is the twenty-first century. And I’ve got this”—I pulled out the signum and held it up for him to see—“that says I’m kindred. And I’ve got this”—I pointed at my head—“that says I’m as smart as you. And I have this”—I held up my middle finger—“that says go to hell, you immortal bigot.”

Alright, I got some more respect for Kate."

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