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Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead
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Dec 31, 11

bookshelves: disappointment
Recommended for: No one with patience
Read on December 29, 2011

Please excuse my french but...

What kind of Bullshit was that?! I waited 4 books just for the series to end with a CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! I know I am not the only one that feels that there should be a 5th book in the making. I mean how can you end the book that way. What kind of monster are you?!!! Richelle ANSWER MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! This book was like a mega mindfuck. IF she ever writes another adult series, I can guarantee I will be highly hesitant to read it.

Note to all Writers*
Never end a series with something unresolved. Ever. You will lose readers that way.
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ArmyGirls Read too Thanks guys! Good to know I'm not alone.

Shannon (Savhage Temptrest) I feel your pain! I had to laugh because I was thinking the exact same things after finishing this book a half an hour ago! I'm soooo glad I'm not alone in this!

ArmyGirls Read too Hecks yeah! I wrote this the minute I dropped my kindle from shock. Why won't she tell him!!!!! What a bitch. But what can we do. Its over and done with.

Charina Thank God!!! I thought I was the only one that hated that ending. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT TO HIM? It is so CRUEL! I agree with you that the next time she comes out with an adult series I’ll be hesitant to read it. She ruined the whole series for me. I also did my review right after I read it. It felt like she had the oportunity of a beautiful ending and she just choose to ruin it. What kind of writer does that?

T00zday **** SPOILER ALERT ****

I just finished it yesterday. I was forewarned w/ all the spoilers I could find. So I KNEW I would hate the ending. Yet I find myself resenting Richelle's conclusion to the series even more than I anticipated.
Maiwen is still alive?!?!?! So is Kiyo!?!?!?!
She isn't raising her own babies?!?!?!
Eugenie is a hypocritial, wishy-washy, indecisive pussy!!! Gah!! I feel like I'm reading LKH all over again! This series started out with SUCH promise & has just gone limp on me. (grump)

Chacelyn Pierce She wrote a blog post about everyone's complaints on SH. Richelle said that she likes to write series with these kind of endings. Ones that leave a bit of mystery. No that's BS. I haven't read the VA series but I know that the Georgina Kincade series wrapped up nicely for me. I LOVED the ending on that because it was a Happily Ever After and not a Happy For Now ending. There might've been some mystery to it but not for the main character, it was for the others like Roman and Carter. I felt Georgina's story was complete. This ending with Eugenie, no. I stayed up late to finish it and felt my time was wasted. I feel the only person who got a HEA was Volusian, maybe he was the main character after all and we just didn't know it.

ArmyGirls Read too She meant to do it ON PURPOSE?????!!!! She is not on my shit list and has yet to redeem herself. this may take time but we are now broken up. That is so disrespectful to your readers. How in the M*****F****** hell does she think that is an ending???!!! Did she ever take a creative writing class in her damn life??
She did do the same thing in VA Series but not of this magnitude. It was a HEA for now. Hense why she started the Bloodlines series. To give us a little closure but also start something new.
With the Kincaid series, that was absolutely perfect. After following the story for 6 books, you automatically expect a happy ending. But for this series, I felt like she closed it up too fast and there should have been at least 1 more book before wrapping it up and giving it a shitty ending.
@ Toozday - I agree with you 100%. There is nothing more disappointing than when you have a piece of gold turn to crap in your hands. It might be the activist in me but I say lets start an occupy movement on Richelle Mead!!! (I am completely joking lol)

Jennifer felt exactly the same....i ended up scratching my head and going WTF for hours after I was done....horrible, horrible, horrible way to end things....

Amanda So frustrated!!!! What The Hell? I completely agree with everything stated here, I was such a huge fan of hers, but come on. Leaving her children with others...and poor Dorian...that B****! He deserves so much better than her! Huge disappointment !

Candy I just finished the book and totally agree. I hated the ending so much. I was so excited that Dorian was the father and immediately couldn't wait for his reaction to this amazing news....and then that never happens because Eugenie is too freakin' afraid of everything. News flash: bad things can happen to your children EVERYWHERE! So disappointed.

Chacelyn Pierce She's also blogged about starting a new series about gods or something, not buying it. Not even going there.

Amanda Chacelyn wrote: "She's also blogged about starting a new series about gods or something, not buying it. Not even going there."

I read that too... Not interested Mead. Finish one tale before jumping to the next.

message 14: by Beth (new)

Beth lol I just spit my iced chai on my screen reading this. Totally awesome!

Paula Urdaneta the book was great but the end... still can not believe it!!

Paula Urdaneta I feel awful T_T She is one of my favorite writers. I read all his works and I never expected this.

message 17: by Maria (new) - rated it 1 star

Maria I actually got to the Middle of Book 3 (Iron Crowned) and go SO PISSED OFF that Eugenie hooked up with Kiyo and betrayed Dorian with such silly reasoning that I stopped reading. I could not pick up the book again (although I bought the complete series 4 books). So I am really glad I read all the reviews and spoilers because I am NOT reading this bullcrap, especially book 4. I was hoping that the lead character would show some more maturity and wisdom with time. Also some loyalty maybe? dignity perhaps? I am glad I will not continue reading after all these reviews. I would have been so disappointed. Richelle Mead - I am disappointed.

message 18: by Xiamera (new)

Xiamera Clarke Thank the Lord for reviews. Iron crowned had me pissed af. I'm definitely going to forget about this series and hopefully find another rocking one to start. Suggestions anyone?

ArmyGirls Read too I've actually moved on to New Age Contemporary. I don't know but Paranormal/Urban Fantasy just doesn't do it for me anymore. Seriously, I think this was the series that might have gotten me off of the genre. Damn her! I will never forgive her for this!

Samantha Rowe i feel the same way i actually emailed her and asked is she going to finish this serious her reply was that she didnt have time right now but its definitily open for future books??

ArmyGirls Read too That is an author's bullshit way of saying no. I hate it when they give vague answers like that. It's not even like her current series is all that good anyway.

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