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Delirium by Lauren Oliver
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oh, lauren oliver. why?

okay, i'd like to start off with the gratuitous "i loved 'before i fall'" and "i think lauren oliver is an incredibly gifted writer" statements.

that said...this wasn't my favorite book.

i get that the whole "vampire loves humans - but not just for food!" movement is coming to its inevitable conclusion (conveniently, just as the breaking dawn movies hit the theatres) and that young adult fiction is looking for the next big thing. BUT, i don't want to see "shell-shocked, emotionally-handicapped youth in the dawn of a dystopic regime" take over as the new IT-genre. yes, i get that katniss and peeta, with their weirdly futuristic names and strikingly good looks, will soon hit the theatres and that means money (which means money for other people who can get themselves a foot in the genre in a convincing way)...i just need to believe oliver is above that. dystopia lit has a time and a place, but used in a pop-lit kind of way just weakens the genre as a whole. you dig?

in oliver's dystopic future, love has been branded a disease for which the only cure appears to be some form of lobotomy. people are brainwashed into believing that living a life without love is necessary, like getting immunized. love = death.

so, it's a happy book, right?

the star-crossed lovers here (in what turns out to be some amalgamation of "romeo and juliet," brave new world," and "the hunger games") are lena and alex. lena is your average girl, waiting to get cured, and alex is a super-hot invalid with his steamy eyes set on lena. you can pretty much figure out the rest.

the end leaves the reader with an ambiguous enough conclusion that sort of screams "potential sequel!!!". what i'd love more is to see oliver consider her ability to find fresh ways to write what should be unlikable teens in a way that makes you actually care about them (which i think she does successfully in both novels - although the plot is far more engaging in her first).

but then, what do i know?

2.5 stars for making me care, but just not enough.
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