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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1 by Hiromu Arakawa
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May 18, 2011

it was amazing

I'll only write one review for the whole series because they all bleed into each other in my mind and I don't want to write specific reviews for each issue. I'm lazy, so sue me.
Fullmetal alchemist is the first manga I really read. I grew up loving Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, but didn't get much other access to anime until high school and even then it was only Utena and things like that. When I met my fiancee he introduced me to the FMA anime and I fell in love. Then we started collecting the manga and I fell even deeper.
ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT COMICS, GRAPHIC NOVELS OR MANGA HAVE NO SUBSTANCE NEEDS TO READ THIS SERIES! The anime hooked me with the philosophical thoughts of what the worth of a soul is. The manga pushd that even further to have us ask what a 'person' is. When I look at Mr. Gori or Mr. Lion, then at the officials in Central who created Bradley, I can tell you which I consider to be more of a human being, even if they are now part animal. And it is no coincidence that the alchemic tests performed by the government reflect the genetic and disgusting practices by many governements in our own world, such as the German Nazi party's human experiments using the people they captured. Chinese and Japanese governements have done the same. Arakawa's themes are not new, nor are they any less disturbing than things people have actually done to each other in real life.
Edward and Al are complex characters that you actually watch grown physically and emotionally as the series progresses. The definition of family is tested too, like the bonds of the brothers, the Armstrong family or the boys' teacher, Izumi and her sin.
This series shows us the pain of war, the kinds of things soldiers have to go through. Arakawa has us examine our faith in things, whether they be religion, science or survival of the fittest. When we put too much faith into something, we make it stronger and that in turn can make US stronger or destroy us.
This series has made me cry, made me laugh out loud (strangers stared at me, it wasn't pretty) and made me feel for the people within it, even those who's ideas differed so much from my own.
I'm glad that Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is following the manga so I get to see Olivier Armstrong in action and hear the voices from the original series reunite. FMA is much more than just a comic book or a tv show for me.

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