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May 18, 2011

really liked it
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Read from November 03 to 09, 2011

If I had to describe this book really shortly I would probably say: vampire teen drama.. a lot of vampire teen drama.
Not that this is bad, because I enjoyed enormously the way these teens interacted with each other, the jokes, the fights, the paybacks, and so on. Still, I felt like this was just another usual teen book with a more commercial settling. The only thing that made me think that this was a vampire book (except for the title and the fact that the main character told me so many times that this was indeed a vampire story) was the blood feeding (and that's not really something I enjoy reading about).

Most of the story is about Rose and her best friend Lissa coming back to the Academy and trying to fit in (or make the others 'fit around'), and also about their growing bond, their secrets, their powers and (mostly) their love life.

I liked Rose a lot, she was one of the best female characters I've read about - not because she was strong or smart, but because she was sharply honest, and sarcastic, and she made me laugh a lot. She knew how to stand for herself and her best friend, she knew when to crack a joke and when to keep it for herself, she knew the difference between punching someone and making a point. Even though the story had a serious touch to it, Rose made me feel relaxed about her discoveries, she made me enjoy this ride and like her more and more with every page.

Ignoring the fact that I didn't really get the attraction between Rose and Dimitri (not because of their age difference, but because they seemed like total opposites: she was open and funny, he was mysterious and a bit grumpy), I liked their story and I can't wait to find out more about them.
Also I want to know more about Lissa and Christian - as they were cute together and they seemed to be perfect for each other.
Well, I didn't really like Lissa that much, as she seemed too weak and depressed for a vampire, but Christian was a really interesting character and around him even she was a better person (or a better 'moroi' if you wish). Christian was mysterious in a totally different way, and he even made me more interested in him than the main male character, which is a bit strange, but I'm not complaining.

Now, truth being told, I don't know what my expectations were. From my limited knowledge about vampires I thought they were supposed to be strong, deadly, fast, immortal, and so on... And this is so not the case.
Vampires are flooding bookshops and libraries and every story has to be unique so I don't know in how many ways a vampire can be different and still interesting. I've seen shiny vampires, why would I be surprised to find about some vampires that use magic and that are protected by half human guardians, right?
It didn't surprise me and I wasn't impressed either, but I'm sure that in the next books this will change, so I'll keep reading this series hoping for some more interesting adventures and discoveries about this world.

Also, I have some mentions to make:
Maybe I'm wrong (as I've never paid too much attention to the horror mythical creatures in my culture) but as far as I can remember I've thought that 'moroi' were similar to what you call 'zombies' (dead people coming back from the grave - without a virus making them living-dead, but nevertheless similar in the appearance and the need to kill human beings), and 'strigoi' were some sort of ghosts, the harming kind (the ones that come back to hunt the loved ones or the people that hurt them when they were alive.. and if you've read 'Anna dressed in Blood' you'll have a pretty good idea of what kind of ghosts I'm talking about)..
Off course, someone could give me a hand here and tell me if I'm misleading you, or maybe I should ask my sister as she is studying (among other things) this kind of traditional believes.
This being said, in the beginning I had a bit of a hard time picturing the 'moroi' and 'strigoi' as vampires in this particular book.

NOTE: I am not against the author using these concepts and changing them to match her own imagination, I was just amused and it took me a bit of time to adjust and be able to picture them as vampires. That's all!. It's an invented world, so they can be whatever the author wants them to be.

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Pre-reading thoughts:
Ok, so I'm not usually a vampire-book fan, but with so many high ratings, I might just need to check it out..
Moroi and Strigoi, huh?
Oh well, I've never thought about these 2 terms as being vampire-related :)) Someone please help me pronounce 'strigoi' in English without killing myself laughing =))
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Wendy Darling Hope you enjoy, Ari! One of my favorite YA series. :)

Ariana I've only got to page 30 because I started reading it around 1-2AM and I was kind of tired, but I liked Rose a lot for a 'first meeting'.. Can't wait to let Dimitri charm me go back to it tonight :D

Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤  this book is amazing...!!!!!its one of my favourite!!!!!

Ariana I really need/should to read the next one. one of theses days, or so I keep telling myself :)))

Ariana I know there's gonna be another boy over there, but so far I only know Dimitri. I am not even sure yet if I like him or not, but if Rose likes him...

Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤  hahahahahha i like and Christian...!!!Rose is amazing girl!!!

Ariana Yes she is, I LOVED her sarcasm! I might need to get to next book soon ;))

Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤  yes you must!!!!!!!Its amazing serie!!!

message 10: by Anni (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anni would you leave a comment about the book on my blog?

Jarrad moroi and strigoi come from Romanian folklore-they are vampires. Although in VA the author Richelle Mead has stated she altered them a bit. Hope that helps.

Ariana I am from there and it is not really like that (not quite vampires), but let's say, for the love of this book, that they are those creatures with a spin off ;))

Jarrad Oh haha nice ^^

 Athena Ivashkova ~♥~ I looove Christian! Black hair and blue eyes <3

message 15: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Howe

Moroi = mortal vampire; Strigoi = immortal vampire :)

Ariana There are no vampires in our folklore *sigh*
But because the notions have different meanings even in different regions in my country, and because after Dracula and the Bran Castle you can't stay away from vampire souvenirs, let's assume that the wiki-theory is fine. :)

message 17: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Howe I'd never even heard the words "Moroi" and "Strigoi" before this series XD

What country are you from? :)

Ariana I'm from Romania, and you couldn't have known those words as they are romanian too ;)) I still laugh when trying to pronounce them in English, LOL

message 19: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Howe Ohh, I didn't know they were :D That is so cool!

According to Google Translate, the English translations for Moroi and Strigoi are "poltergeist" and "ghost"... so I understand your confusion now :)

Ariana It's just like with the shinny vampires, you know - some liked the idea, some were like: "shinny what?! there are no shinny vampires".

I respect people's imagination and the need to adapt old concepts to what's the 'new best thing' (and I assure you that a 'vampire' as it's known today is a lot more appealing than these 'strigoi' and 'moroi' will ever be) it was just something that I noticed and felt the need to point out :)

I also added my thoughts at the end of the review (rather than at the beginning), for people not to get stuck on defining the concepts but start by enjoying the story, LOL!

message 21: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Howe Have you read the rest of the series yet? :)

Ariana Oh..I missed this comment. Sorry!

No, I didn't but I plan to read the second one at some point, even soon.
The thing is.. there are so many books in this series, I feel tired only for thinking of them. They might be good, but I feel that I need a ton of free time to get through them all.

message 23: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Howe I understand what you mean. The series is very long! It is worth the read though, I believe, once you get into it. :)

Michael Did you see the movie yet? The movie really needs fans to pull through because as of now its a flop. So please support the movie :)

Ariana To be honest, I saw the trailer and I have no interest in watching the whole movie. But there might be many fans of there that will support it :)

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