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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
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May 18, 2011

it was ok
Read in January, 2011

Vishous is one of the most complicated characters in Ward’s paranormal world. He is a sexual deviant favoring S&M and his mated roommate Butch. During a Lesser fight V is wounded and wakes up to find himself in a human hospital under the care of Dr. Jane Whitcombe. At first scent V senses that Jane is his female and proceeds to kidnap her during his hospital escape.

Jane’s history includes a lack of parental love and the early death of her sister. A driven but emotionally lonely woman, Jane will find that to give both Vishous and herself the gift of love she’ll have to give up the life she’s built.


This is the rough one…the hated book. The book people quit the series for. Vishous and Jane. There were complaints of unbelievably quick romance, the change in sexual preference, the lack of Lessers, and the now limited powers of the Scribe Virgin.

Let me start with the quick romance. I’ll remind readers that in book 1 of the series Wrath and Beth were in bed the first night they met. He was all bonded by the second time they had sex. I’d call that a quickie.

Now let me tackle the unbelievable aspect…No one is reading about 7 foot, leather-covered, Vampire Warriors and the woman they love for the realism. Enough Said.

The change in sexual preference is a little rough. Ward may have taken the relationship between Butch and Vishous a little too far. It’s definitely not a friendship, and the Bi-Sexual label even seems a little thin for what they have. Even with the various rationalizations (Butch was just the first person Vishous cared for, or that Vishous’s S&M fetish means he was depraved and/or into all sex) Ward couldn’t reason the readers away from the strong ties the boys have. Vishous’s quick switch to bonding with Jane after so many books of pining for Butch does ring a little untrue even for a paranormal series. I think it’s because the love Vishous feels for Butch had developed over the course of 6 books. Where as the bonding with Jane (while technically as quick as others) happens instantly, the entire romance from kidnapping to marriage proposal happens in a 3 day span. There’s just not enough room in Ward’s already busy novel to emotionally attach to the couple.

As for the lack of Lessers, it didn’t bother me in this book. Again the entire book happened over 4 days. Not nearly enough time for another major Lesser plan to go down. Also, Ward hints at lesser interaction which kept them in the forefront of my mind so I didn’t really miss them.

Finally the limited powers of the almighty Scribe Virgin. She pulls out an acceptable ending. I think had she been able to magically fix everything perfectly it wouldn’t have matched Vishous’s trajectory. In the end she does pull out some pretty heavy magic it’s just not the classic save the reader was expecting. Which, in my eyes proves that Ward is a great series writer, constantly giving the reader a new plot rather than publishing the same story with different character names.

This was still not my favorite of the series, but much better than anticipated.

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