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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
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May 25, 11

Wow. What an amazing series. So, so much happens that you just can't see how Dimitri and Rose, Lissa and the gang can ever find their way to a happy ending. I have to say, I was surprised with the storyline twists and turns right to the very end.

It is always sad to see a great series winding down, but this one goes out in style. My opinions of the characters have fluctuated over the course of the six books, and this one was no exception. I found myself liking Lissa more and more as she became less of the pampered princess and more of a force to be reckoned with. Somehow, during the trials and tribulations she has gone through, she has learned to stand on her own, and deal with whatever life throws at her as best she can. She still gets scared, but she moves forward despite of it.

Dimitri has always been a favorite. I even applauded his guilt and shame, his pain over what he had done. But even that can not keep Dimitri down, in the end. Christian and Eddie don't play as large a role this time around, but still shine when they are around. And Adrian. My heart broke for Adrian, who got the short end of the stick and so didn't deserve it. I think of them all, damaged, self-destructive Adrian has been my favorite of them all since the moment he was introduced. I would have had serious issues with this book on his behalf if I didn't know his story was going to continue.

The two surprises for me here were Rose and Sydney. I found myself liking Rose less and less, while I enjoyed Sydney more and more. I can't really say Rose was selfish, but there were times her determination to get her own way bordered on the manic. She meant well, but it was her way or no way and that rubbed me wrong on more than one occasion. Now Sydney, on the other hand, grew on me immensely here. Before Last Sacrifice, knowing she was to be featured in the upcoming Bloodlines series only made me shake my head, since she had next to no personality or charm. But this time around, I have to say I preferred her to Rose, the thoughtful strategist against Rose's impulsive battler. I do hope that she becomes Adrian's Happily Ever After, since both deserve it.

Now, while this is a great story, I did find the ending a bit rushed. Of course, I know that with that much packed into an already long book there just wasn't any more room, but still I wished for just a little bit more of Dimitri and Rose, Lissa and Christian just getting to be happy. All of them earned it, but I guess I can hope to see more of them all in Bloodlines.

For those who doubt that a Young Adult series can keep you entertained, engrossed, and wanting more, the Vampire Academy series will prove you wrong.
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