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A Lot like Love by Julie James
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May 17, 2011

it was amazing
Recommended for: Fans of romantic suspense and witty contemporary romance; readers who are stuck on planes
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The woman who sat in front of me on my flight from Detroit to Denver is very lucky I had this book loaded on my Kindle. I loved the story, and it distracted me from the misery of having a seat back rammed against my knees for three hours. You know the book has got to be good.

A LOT LIKE LOVE tells the story of Jordan Rhodes, heiress to half of a billion-dollar fortune, and Nick McCall, FBI agent. Rhodes isn't a prissy heiress whose biggest worries are ruining her manicure or being seen with the right people; she's a solid person who's down to earth and who has worked to build her own successes in life. She owns an upscale wine store — can they actually serve wine in a wine store in Illinois? They can't in Colorado — and is an expert on fermented grape. Her social circle includes someone the FBI would like to know more about.

Nick McCall makes Jordan an offer she can't refuse to win her cooperation in helping him establish covert surveillance — i.e., bug — of this person of interest. And thus Jordan and McCall are forced to deal with one another. They trade sarcasm and quips — a kind of banter at which Julie James excels — and slowly fall into lust and then love with one another.

So, I have to ask myself whether deep in her heart, the attorney side of Ms. James has a hankering for suspense. James writes contemporary romance, but both books I've read would satisfy fans of romantic suspense, as well.

This is the first non-attorney heroine that James has written, and I have to give her props for doing that. It would be like me writing romantic suspense novel without a journalist heroine, something I haven't been brave enough to do yet. I think she does a splendid job of it, clearly having done her research into wine. I found myself wanting to write down tips, which I KNOW other readers have done, as the most frequent highlights in the Kindle version involved the various steps of wine tasting. So James is helping to launch a new cadre of oinophiles, which is all to the good.

Romantic fiction and wine go well together — almost as well as romance and wine.

I found myself giggling out loud at some points, which no one heard because planes are so noisy. I felt the characters were believable and endearing, including secondary characters, and I enjoyed seeing Cameron and Jack again. I got a real kick out of Nick's relationship with his long-suffering mother.

Also, I found the sex scenes very hot and fun to read. That's important.

And I'm just so grateful to James for writing this book because otherwise I probably would have gotten thrown off my flight by TSA for yelling at the person in front of me. I need to go back now and read her first two titles.
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Laura the Highland Hussy I saw your comments on twitter-I hate flying for that reason...glad you had a great book to distract you from the asshattery in front of you :)

Karla I enjoyed this one too! It also has the most descriptive sex scenes of all her books. Seems with each book, she gets more daring. Good for us. All her books are laugh out loud funny. Four books, four hits...she's a keeper.

♡Karlyn P♡ Ugh, I hate air travel for that reason. My husband is cursed to always sit behind a person wanting to recline, and he is 6'2". I always switch with him so he doesn't start a fight, but I'm 5'10"! I feel for you Pam.

Nice review too! I have this book and keep meaning to read it 'next', but another book keeps jumping in. But I will read it soon!

message 4: by Pamela (last edited May 18, 2011 09:22PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pamela Thank you, Laura. It truly was the only thing that kept me from losing my temper with said asshat. LOL!

Karla, I thought the sex scenes were fantastic.

Yes, KarLyn, I remember that you and I are the same height (almost the same age, too). So you know what I'm talking about. I wonder what she would have done had I reached over the back of the seat (which would have been easy) and started giving her a scalp massage. Her head was practically in my lap anyway...

 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* I enjoyed this one, too, Pamela. Loved your review, and I'm glad you had something fun to read to get your mind off being cramped and uncomfortable on the plane.

Nikki Great review Pamela.

This is my absolute fave James book. The wine and romantic fiction angle works amazingly well and yes hot sex is ALWAYS a good time.

Cris Flying economy class is one of the few times I'm very glad I'm vertically challenged... being 161.5cm tall (~5'3.5") means that even if the person in front of me pushes their seat all the way back, I still have some room to manoeuvre :) And having regularly flown the Asia <-> Europe route (~13 hours) for almost a decade, I've spent a great many hours stuffed in airplanes with the seatback in my face.

Excellent review! All of Julie James's books are laugh-out-loud funny (yeah, I got a few weird looks at the gym & from my labmates whilst reading them... good thing I was home sick for A Lot Like Love, hehe), but the light suspense & hotter sex of her last two books give them that je ne sais quoi that takes them beyond regular contemporary romance. Something About You remains my favourite; Jack should move to the Boston field office and be my plaything. Collin too; he could root for the other Sox & be my new best friend :P

Cheryl Great review and it sounds like a book I'd like to read! Is it stand-alone?

Pamela Hi, Cheryl — Yes, absolutely, it's a standalone. There are characters that are featured in SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, but they play a background role, and nothing in the story depends on reading the earlier books.

Cheryl Pamela wrote: "Hi, Cheryl — Yes, absolutely, it's a standalone. There are characters that are featured in SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, but they play a background role, and nothing in the story depends on reading the earl..."

Ok, that sounds great! I've never read anything by Julie James but I'm always looking for new-to-me authors to read!

Ashley I just finished reading this book and it was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to read Kyle's story I loved his part in the book. The sexy computer nerd ;-).
I'm not much of a drinker but Jordan made wine sound so damn sexy. Makes me want to visit a winery. Maybe being a wine expert will get me my own FBI agent. Yummm!!!

Stephanie Yes Pamela they can serve wine in the stores in Illinois. It is usually in very tiny glasses. In fact a store that I shop at was have a wine tasting and I thought what the heck. I am now hook on a moscato asti that is $16.99 a bottle! Of course I am a sucker! LOL

message 13: by Anna (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anna I LOVE all Julie James' books.. you're both INCREDIBLE writers!

Kristin Okay, so Jess sent this book to me last week...I've been tempted to start it for the last couple of days, but had a couple books I was obligated to read first for the blog...then I see your 5 star review! Peer pressure's a bitch! SO I'm starting it!

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