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Burn for Me by Jan Springer
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May 17, 2011

it was amazing

Avery and Mason were madly in love, had a child, and that child grew up. Sadly, their son, David, went to a party and someone spiked his drink with drugs. Tragically he died.

Avery is consumed with grief and revenge. She wants to go to the source, to find the man who made the drugs, and kill him. She divorces her husband and begins a two-year quest.

Mason is still in love with his wife. And he wants her back. He’ll do whatever necessary to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life—killing drug kingpin, Rick Smart.

This story has lots of action and angst. And several tender moments between Avery and Mason. He loves her with all his heart, and it shows with each word on the page. Avery is riddled with grief, and there are several poignant moments when the reader can feel and understand her need for revenge.

And the sex! Whoo! Avery and Mason burn the pages up! They finally get together in a cabin, and though Avery is reluctant at first, wanting to hold onto her grief and anger, Mason works his delectable magic on her and brings the wildcat out in Avery.

But the story doesn’t end there. No. Rick Smart and his brother, Ron, aren’t finished with Avery and Mason just yet.

BEST BITS: When Avery dropped the gun.

The only clothes Mason left for Avery to wear. Oh, Yeah!

Whipped cream

He ignored her surprised look and dropped to one knee, gazing up into her puzzled eyes.

VERDICT: Burn for Me is a great, fast-paced read. Ms. Springer does a wonderful job handling such a tragic situation. Parents should never have to bury their children, and Ms. Springer does a beautiful job showing Avery’s pain. And she does a wonderful job of showing how much Mason loves Avery. The man will stop at nothing, leave no stone unturned, no mountain unscaled to win heart…and save her life.

The love between these two feels real, and the reader is easily caught up in the action. Rick Smart is a devious, vile villain (and throw pervert into the mix as well) who is easy to dislike. The reader wants the Smart brothers to pay for their crimes, but Ms. Springer doesn’t make it easy…which is what makes this such a good story. Nothing in life is easy. Bravo, Ms. Springer.

If you enjoy hot sex, nasty villains, and much suspense, then Burn for Me is a good choice for you.
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