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I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
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Mar 03, 2008

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There's not much to say about this story that hasn't been said about other reviews.
The premise of this story was great. It was well executed, stayed interesting, and I really liked the ending. I have only two criticisms; the first being about the story, and the second being about the edition that I read.
1. It was too short. This book would have been much better if he had taken the time to flesh out some of the ideas, stretch out the mystery (his search for the cause of vampirism), more character development (the flashbacks about his wife and daughter, and more info about Ben), etc. This could have been so much more than it was.
2. Nowhere on or in this edition did it say that after I Am Legend was a collection of Matheson's other short stories. The inclusion of short stories with this edition is fine; that didn't bother me. It was that I didn't know that half the book was short stories that irked me. I was halfway through the book when all of a sudden the story ended and I was really caught off guard. I kind of flipped through the rest of the book a couple times going, "huh?" before I realized the story was really over. Granted, there is a table of contents, but I assumed they were chapter titles. I didn't take the time to analyze the page numbers and figure out that they were short stories ahead of time. Maybe that's my fault, but it would have been nice if somewhere on the cover it had said "I Am Legend... and other short stories by Richard Matheson." Or something like that. Grr. I did read a couple of the stories and they're fairly entertaining but predictable horror stories. Maybe they were more cutting edge when they were written; they probably inspired a lot of the things I've seen that now make them seem less original.

In short: Great story, but be aware beforehand that it's very short (about 160 pages) and the rest of this edition is other stories!
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Preeti Ha, I did the same thing! Apparently, the story ended but I kept reading, thinking the title at the top was just part 2 or something. A couple pages in, confused as hell, I realized I Am Legend was over and I was reading a different story.
I definitely wanted something longer and more fleshed out as well.

Valerie The edition I got has the stories too. It only says it on the back cover of the book towards the bottom. 'I AM LEGEND the complete novel, plus several more unforgettable tales' I didn't even see it when I bought the book.

message 3: by Mark (new) - rated it 1 star

Mark Abelson I was really disappointed in the book. Check out my review at

message 4: by Kathy (new) - added it

Kathy Thanks for the warning! I just pulled my copy from the "to read" bookcase, and sure enough, half the book is I Am Legend, and the rest is short stories. I agree, there should be some sort of indication on the cover, or the title page, at least.

Emily Same thing happened to me, it caught me so off guard I didn't even finish the rest of the short stories....

Jonna You pretty much summed up my feeling about the entire book from wanting to know more about his past life with his wife and daughter to all of a sudden finding out it was over and that I was suddenly (unbeknownst to me) reading a new short story!

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Ambar The exact same thing happened to me!

Tristan Williams I did the same when I read. I think the fact that I hadn't realized it was end is what bothered me. It just sort of dropped off. Needless to say, I didn't much care for it.

April I had the exact same experience. I made myself read the stories just so I could say I finished the book.

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Joni Willis-varble Damn yall are smart

Raeanna I didn't realize that until I read your review. I'm 30 pgs in & that's really disappointing, I thought it was relatively short already (312 pgs.) and that is a really strange way to do a book.

Tiffani Ellis Same.

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