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The Story of My Experiments With Truth by Mahatma Gandhi
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Feb 06, 15

did not like it

** spoiler alert ** Caution: This is my view about Gandhi after reading his book. During childhood(may be age also matters- I read it when I was 15) I read Malayalam version of it given by one of my friend who got this book as a gift.This review its strictly my own understanding of him, and has nothing to do with the way others understands & respects him. May be I have done terrific mistake by not understanding him the way all of you had.This is not to impose or sling anything on Mr.Gandhi and your exalted view of him.

It's my fault, my fault and my own fault..

06.02.15: I will not be defending my views now on by replying comment
s posted below this thread (I think I have already done it with all my might).
Happy reading folks..Cheers & GD Luck

Gandhi..called as Mahatma??? A self deceiver can be called as Mahatma?? I call him self deceiver only because of his rules and regulations which was maintained or still maintaining in his ashram..

He calls Gita his mother!!then what about Quran or Bible?? What about Buddhist scriptures?? And there are still people who goes on calling these people as Mahatmas???People like him were always against rebels..I calls him traditional..the very stupid mediocre mind of vedic period..and this so called Mahatmas have been curse of India..very own root curse..They goes on telling about simplicity..or shows simplicity..See there are millions in India whom cant even wear a dhoty Gandhi used to wear..there are millions again who cant even think about one time food..there are again thousands who eat their daily bread by cleaning toilets..but when all of this were done by a Gandhi..he is Mahatma!!

Thats why I calls them self deceivers..just giving poor people a feeling that they are doing much for them..very much so that they dont feel any inferiority complex. Just other day I read an article written buy an American saying that even beggars in India are content and happy but America is so tensed.. This has been the slogan of all leaders of India..India is spiritual so it is content and happy..This is called a mediocre mind..Beggars in India are happy because they have a hope for better future..better tomorrow and America is unhappy because they have known all things of life..money..power..fame..I met a man during my tour to Rishikesh who stays there for nearly last five years practicing Sadhana..and he says nothing fails like success..it's just a mirage for a desert traveler.But to realize that one has to taste it..then come out of it..without knowing what is success or money..or fame how you can lead a life against it.

This type of people have great visions for nourishing villages; and strange enough we Indians follow these principles and nothing happened..It's sinking deep and deep.

India can win only if people get out of the clutches of these kind of people..parasites..blood suckers..It needs a revolution both spiritual and material.. It needs a revolution which is both religious and scientific..It needs revolution of Capitalism and birth control..Capitalism in my sense is freedom for every individual out of dogmas of religion..caste..all which is oppressive and repressive.

People like Gandhi were against this type of revolutions..he is spiritual in "Indian sense" but not materialist..He is religious again "in so called Indian sense"..but not scientific..and always We Indian's have there own way of approaching things..and result was of "CONTINUOUS SLAVERYOF 2000 YEARS"..and of course we have a great name for it"HOSPITALITY"..

When India can wake from it's stupid safeties of Caste..Religion..then only it have future..or again there will be Mahatmas to dig grave for India..
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Chirag well written :-)

message 2: by Sneha (new)

Sneha this is definitely not a book review but mud slinging :)
and written with lot of arrogance which Gandhi was always against :) You could have learned something from the book

message 3: by Palak (new) - added it

Palak Mathur Mr. Varghese,

You failed to understand Mr. Gandhi. :)

message 4: by Jijo (last edited Mar 03, 2013 07:17PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Jijo Varghese Hi Sneha..Of course am against whatever Mr.Gandhi has proposed;because truth cannot be the one which millions preaches; Just look at the title of the book..My experiments with truth..how can you experiment with truth? If truth is something to be experimented, what is the value of it? To me truth is to be experienced, neither Mr.Gandhi nor his followers have experienced it.
Just look at the irony..if Gandhi appears in his suits which he wore during his time in South Africa, will Indians reckon him as somebody?
Secondly the celibacy he preaches for a sathyagrahi..celibacy is an illness; it shows that you have not even understood your feelings; the way your biological hormones work; nobody can be a celibate,strange indeed no doctors have raised something against it.
Third..I thinks nobody ever in Indian history celebrated our poverty as Gandhi..the way he dressed, his spinning wheel; where technology has advanced so much that entire earth could be paradise; each of us can live in so much luxury.
Just take Gandhi naked, without any prejudices, the so called mask of Mahatma, what you can learn from him?
I admire him for his honesty, sincerity..nobody ever has taken that courage, even though in light of "Mahatma" to confess.
I reads a book not to learn something from others; of course they are a sort of guiding light during dark periods, but at the same time you cannot expect somebody to be in that darkness always.
Sathyagrahi means..the one who desires truth..or in a broad sense one who wants to know truth; For knowing truth you don't celibacy; you don't need to go out of all luxuries of life; you don't need to go to Himalayas; all you need is a strong will to seek; and when you seeks you cannot say that am experimenting with it; for experimenting you need to know first; and once you have known it..once you have tasted it..truth does not change..it will be same for a believer, for an agnostic; for a sannyasi, for a house holder..thats what shows the story of Buddha and Mahakashyap..if you have heard it.

message 5: by Jijo (new) - rated it 1 star

Jijo Varghese Palak wrote: "Mr. Varghese,

You failed to understand Mr. Gandhi. :)"

Hi Palak; may be you are right; but as I said I never wants to understand something from a book; its goes just as a love affair..you will be in that hangover for some days or hours..but at last a day starts as fresh..sun shines..new lights in horizons..
I admire Mr.Gandhi..at the same time hate him too..sometimes hate overcomes love..sometimes love overcomes..from this i learned one thing that love and hate are one..only the way it expressed changes..
As Bertrand Russell said.."I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong."
May be i will be the only person who shed tears for the book which i happened to hate and still writing defending my views against it..

SANTOSH REDDY over the past 60 yrs intellectuals mostly leftists ,media ,and the society to a larger extent have created an image of GandhiJI as a loser ,a traitor who gave pakistan to muslims etc .Dude im not against u r opinionon mr Gandhi , but my sincere request to u and others like u is that first u remove misconceptions about the Mahatma from u r mind and then read about him.Only a mind which is sane and at peace with itself can understand Gandhiji
jai hind

message 7: by Sudhakar (new)

Sudhakar you did not read the book!!!!
what is mediocre??? the veda or you???? better question yourself......

message 8: by Jijo (new) - rated it 1 star

Jijo Varghese Sudhakar..I can understand your feelings..Why Vedas are mediocre becuase it has nothing to do with now..it was meant for the people of that time, it was written based on beliefs during that period, and after all ganges still flows, it was there in vedic period too, but you cannot claim that ganges still the same, life is a flow, nothing can stand still even your so called scriptures. you cannot expect moses to give ten commandments now..I dont really say Vedas and upanishads lose its significance, but our morality has changed, outlook towards life has changed, then why to cling to old dusty vedas, thats where am against Gandhi..if you can trode the path which is well before you..and shown by others..and is the truth is so easily attainable? am not here to reply in a condescending tone of yours, but its better to ask questions to yourself before you venture to question others..

message 9: by Jijo (new) - rated it 1 star

Jijo Varghese Santhosh...I dont approach somebody with a given aura..i want to understand something or somebody as i wants to, not in a way others wants me to..may be my opinion about Mr.Gandhi might be wrong, so be it, it does not going to change until next time when i decides to read his book again..
i would still say i dont have any hatred towards towards him, i admire him for his sincerity, honesty and dedication, but that does not mean i have to salute his ideas, the way he lived and dressed, the way he maintained his ashram etc..

Dharan Jain Dude you are a LOSER in your life....A mediocre mind without any sense...Millions of people cannot be wrong, you just have that quality of being a PESSIMISTIC!!!

message 11: by Jijo (new) - rated it 1 star

Jijo Varghese @Dharan..am happy that you are a winner in life by understanding Gandhi! and am more happy of being a LOSER because i understood Gandhi the way I want! Before Gallileo people believed earth to be flat, that it self shows millions of people could be wrong...and again if you want a verbal fight am not going to give that benefit in any way now..better luck next time..

Jasmine he stated it himself that he didnt like to be call MAHATMA. u probably should read before u start utter stupid accusation about him. It's people who address him as Mahatma.

message 13: by Jijo (new) - rated it 1 star

Jijo Varghese Jasmine wrote: "he stated it himself that he didnt like to be call MAHATMA. u probably should read before u start utter stupid accusation about him. It's people who address him as Mahatma."

Amazing find Jasmine..!!

message 14: by Lenin (new)

Lenin Whether we agree or disagree with Jijo, it cannot be denied that most comments from others on this thread have been uncivil while Jijo has replied back calmly.

Dhanvanth Mahesh It is one of the greatest books in history pal.Don't deny it.

message 16: by Deepa (new) - added it

Deepa I am a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and finds his ideologies pertinent. But the way Jijo has kept his views with a different perspective is commendable.
Everyone has a right to express, its sad to see how impolite people get when their opinions are not in consent with others.
Good replies Jijo. I like the way you kept your calm and didn't use indecent language, as here some of his 'so called followers' has. ;P

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